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Main Contents of Mini Sanitary Napkin Machine Maintenance

Maintenance shall be carried out according to maintenance procedures. Equipment maintenance procedures are the requirements and regulations for daily maintenance of equipment. Adhering to the equipment maintenance procedures can prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. It is called equipment maintenance to take care of the equipment through wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and other general methods to maintain and protect the performance and technical status of mini sanitary napkin equipment.



1.Main contents of mini sanitary napkin machine maintenance

(1) Cleaning: clean inside and outside of mini sanitary napkin machine. The sliding surface, lead screw, rack, gearbox, oil hole and other parts shall be free of oil stain, and all parts shall be free of oil and air leakage. Clean debris, debris and dirt around the equipment. The equipment shall be clean, clean, firm, lubricated, anti-corrosion, safe and other operation contents, operation methods, tools and materials, standards and precautions.

(2) Tidiness: tools, accessories and workpieces (products) shall be placed neatly, and pipelines shall be orderly. Location, method and standard of daily inspection and regular inspection.

(3) Good lubrication: refuel or change the oil on time, refuel continuously without dry friction, the oil pressure is normal, the oil mark is bright, the oil circuit is unblocked, the oil quality meets the requirements, and clean the oil gun, oil cup and linoleum.

(4) Safety: observe the safety operation regulations, do not overload the equipment, the equipment safety protection devices are complete and reliable, and the unsafe factors are eliminated in time. Check and evaluate the contents and methods of equipment maintenance by operators.


2."Four formulation" of mini sanitary napkin machine

(1) User. According to the fixed system, the operators of mini sanitary napkin machine should choose personnel with strong sense of responsibility, high technical level and rich practical experience, and maintain relative stability for a long time as possible.

(2) Maintenance personnel. Enterprises with more equipment can organize professional maintenance or maintenance teams for fine, large and thin equipment according to enterprise conditions, which are specially responsible for the inspection, precision adjustment, maintenance and maintenance of fine, large and thin equipment.

(3) Operating procedures. The operating procedures shall be prepared one by one and strictly implemented.

(4) Spare parts. The reserve quota shall be determined and given priority according to the role of each equipment in the production of the enterprise and the source of spare parts.


3.Regional maintenance of mini sanitary napkin machine

Mini sanitary napkin machine area maintenance is also known as maintenance work package mechanism. The maintenance personnel shall be responsible for the equipment maintenance in a certain production area, do a good job in daily maintenance, inspection, regular maintenance, planned maintenance and troubleshooting together with the manufacturer and operator, and be responsible for the evaluation index of equipment failure shutdown rate in the pipeline area. Regional maintenance responsibility system is a good form to strengthen equipment maintenance services, mobilize the enthusiasm of maintenance personnel and make production personnel actively pay attention to equipment maintenance.


In the daily maintenance of mini sanitary napkin machine, only strict treatment, reasonable use, careful maintenance and management, strengthen the inspection before, during and after use, and eliminate hidden dangers and faults in time, seriously and with high quality.


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