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Precautions for Maintenance of One-piece Sanitary Napkin Machine


One-piece sanitary napkin machine will fail after long-term use. In order to prevent the deterioration of equipment performance or reduce the probability of equipment failure, one-piece sanitary napkin equipment needs to be maintained when using mechanical equipment.



1.Fault judgment of one-piece sanitary napkin machine

During the use of one-piece sanitary napkin machine, the maintenance personnel need to go to the site to understand the fault, ask the operator in detail, judge the cause of the fault and repair it in time. Fault judgment requires maintenance personnel to have rich experience and professional maintenance knowledge to effectively improve the accuracy of fault judgment and reduce the occurrence of misjudgment.


2.Maintenance of one-piece sanitary napkin machine

In the common one-piece sanitary napkin machine faults, human faults account for a large proportion. Therefore, in actual use, operators need to be familiar with the performance and operation rules of the equipment to avoid collecting maintenance data in the process of daily use.

Learn more about the use of one-piece sanitary napkin equipment. Equipment service time; Whether the equipment is abnormal before failure; Whether the oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature are normal; Whether the consumption of oil, oil and water is normal; Whether the equipment operates stably, with abnormal vibration and noise; Whether the equipment starts, accelerates, decelerates and stops sensitively and reliably; Whether the power loss of the equipment itself increases and whether the power decreases during operation; Operating conditions of the equipment; Whether the equipment fault is no-load, light load or heavy load; Whether to stop immediately after failure.


3.Inspection of one-piece sanitary napkin machine

According to the preliminary judgment and combined with the relevant knowledge of mechanical equipment, conduct local or comprehensive inspection of mechanical equipment. If the equipment has oil leakage, water, high temperature trace, belt tightness standard, loose and complete parts, oil and water deterioration within the standard range, listen and see whether the mechanical equipment has abnormal noise, stability, vibration, power consumption of mechanical equipment, smoke exhaust concentration of engine and transmission power of transmission system are normal, test whether the oil pressure of each component is stable and normal, and then make accurate diagnosis according to the inspection.

During the maintenance of one-piece sanitary napkin machine, try to remove the parts that need to be removed and try to avoid removing the parts that do not need to be removed. At the same time, when repairing or replacing the fault part in the maintenance process, detailed inspection shall be carried out to prevent the failure from being eliminated due to installation error, and the failure must be eliminated fundamentally.


To sum up, during the long-term operation of one-piece sanitary napkin machine, the fault actually increases the maintenance cost. Therefore, we must first reduce the maintenance cost of machinery, so as to do a good job in the maintenance of machinery in our daily work.


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