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Maintenance and Inspection of Full-width Sanitary Napkin Machine


In the maintenance of full-width sanitary napkin machine, routine maintenance is the basis. The category and content of maintenance shall be specified according to the characteristics of different equipment. Not only the production process, structural complexity, scale and other specific conditions and characteristics of the equipment, but also the long-term maintenance habits formed within different full-width sanitary napkin equipment.



1.Maintenance of full-width sanitary napkin machine

The maintenance content of full-width sanitary napkin machine is to keep the equipment clean, tidy, well lubricated and safe operation, check whether the fasteners are loose, and adjust the movable clearance of various parts of the machine tool. It is summarized as cleaning, lubrication, fastening, adjustment and anti-corrosion. Practice has proved that the service life of the equipment largely depends on the maintenance quality.

(1) Routine maintenance, also known as routine maintenance, mainly includes cleaning, lubricating and fastening loose parts, checking the integrity of parts and components. There are few maintenance items and components, most of which are outside the equipment.

(2) First level maintenance, mainly including tightening, cleaning, lubrication, fastening and partial adjustment. Daily maintenance and primary maintenance are generally undertaken by operators.

(3) Secondary maintenance mainly includes internal cleaning, lubrication, inspection, disassembly and adjustment of the machine tool.

(4) Level III maintenance mainly refers to the inspection and adjustment of the main parts of the equipment. If necessary, the parts that reach the specified wear limit must be replaced and repaired.


2.Inspection of full-width sanitary napkin machine

The full-width sanitary napkin machine inspection is divided into daily inspection and regular inspection according to the time interval. The daily inspection shall be carried out by the equipment operator. In combination with the daily maintenance, abnormal technical conditions shall be found in time and necessary maintenance work shall be carried out. Regular inspection means that with the participation of operators, the professional maintenance surface can accurately grasp the actual situation of parts wear and determine whether maintenance is needed.

According to the technical function, the inspection can be divided into performance inspection and accuracy inspection. Performance inspection refers to the inspection and measurement of various mechanical properties of equipment. Such as oil leakage and water leakage of the cooling system, air leakage of the equipment, dust seal, insufficient air pressure of the tool magazine of the machining center, disorderly cutting and other faults.


Check the use and wear of the full-width sanitary napkin machine, find and eliminate the hidden dangers of the machine tool in time, purposefully improve the maintenance quality and shorten the maintenance time.


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