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Current Situation of Wechat Marketing Based on Pull-up Pants

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Wechat is the most popular application software at present. According to the authoritative data of 2018 wechat data report released by wechat, the official wechat work number, wechat had more than 1.082 billion monthly active users in 2018. The average number of messages sent per day reached 45 billion, and the number of successful voice or video calls reached 410 million. People are used to daily contact and sharing life through wechat. Based on such a large number of users, pull-up pants and toddler pants enterprises may conduct marketing through wechat. Before that, we also need to analyze the overall marketing environment.

The wechat market of pull-up pants has a broad space

Wechat marketing is developed with the wide use of wechat, which provides strong traffic support. In addition, as one of the main means of daily mobile payment, the development of wechat wallet provides great convenience for mobile online shopping, and makes consumers gradually form the habit of shopping and payment through mobile application software. Wechat marketing, as the main part of social e-commerce, its market share can not be ignored. According to the 2019 report on the development of China's social e-commerce industry, it is expected that the scale of social e-commerce market will reach 206.58 billion yuan in 2019, with a year-on-year increase of 63.2%, far exceeding the traditional e-commerce.

As an emerging e-commerce model based on social mobile social networks, wechat marketing has entered a stage of steady development since 2013, six years later, and 2019. Gradually develop from small-scale individual operation to large-scale brand market, from once questioning to recognition, from chaotic management to formal operation, from the initial cosmetics industry to many industries, such as mother and child products, cosmetics, health products, household products, food, etc. Therefore, pull-up pants Toddler pants wechat marketing has a certain number of pioneers.


Put forward higher requirements for the standardization and branding of pull-up pants

After news reports. With the promulgation of national anti-counterfeiting and relevant laws, the wechat market is gradually developing towards branding, systematization, standardization and specialization. With the rapid growth of the number of employees in wechat marketing industry and the continuous expantsion of transaction scale, the demand of wechat industry for a series of surrounding services is also increasing, some value-added service links also appear, and the industrial chain of wechat has begun to take shape. Among them, some software providing copywriting planning, image processing and tutorials came into being, such as Tiantian Xiangshang, wechat business photo album, wechat business marketing treasure, etc. The development of wechat industry also follows the objective law of survival of the fittest. Those enterprises without brand concept cannot survive and develop. Only those enterprises that pay attention to product quality and are committed to brand construction. China's wechat marketing industry is gradually developing towards merchant branding, systematic operation, platform standardization and talent specialization.

At present, the main consumption power of wechat is mainly concentrated on young people, most of whom are women. The user structure is mainly women and young people, which affects the main commodity types of wechat marketing industry. The consumption orientation of young women mainly focuses on skin care, beauty cosmetics and household children's products. Therefore, the wechat marketing industry has formed a sales model dominated by beauty, daily necessities, mother and baby and other commodities. Because of this, the wechat marketing of pull-up pants and toddler pants is more feasible.


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