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How to Wear Adult Pull-ups? So Easy!

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Pull-up pants is a kind of nursing product, which is common in the market. It is used by children and adults. Adults use more pull-up pants than children. For some friends with urinary incontinence, using pull-up pants is a very convenient choice. How should adult pull-ups be worn? Now let's introduce it to you.

How to wear adult pull-ups?

Adult pull-ups is more suitable for people who can act. For people who can act independently, pull-up pants is very light. Patients can wear their own clothes during the day. For pull-up pants, its shape is the same as the size of underwear, with good water absorption and three-dimensional protection without side leakage, which is very conducive to the use of patients with mild incontinence.

First, gently open the pull-up pants with both hands and put the left and right legs in turn. Then gently lift the pull-up pants, preferably with the back slightly higher than the abdomen, so as to prevent the leakage of urine from the back. Finally, stroke the lower leg opening along the inner side of the thigh to prevent side leakage, which is a key step to prevent side leakage. Don't forget. Many people think it's better to take it off like underwear. In fact, it's not. You should tear both sides and take it out from the crotch to complete the removal, so that the urine on it won't be stained on your body or clothes.

Advice on the use of adult pull-ups

Some domestic high-quality adult pull-ups front-end brands are sold in major supermarkets and hospitals across the country. Pull-up pants is deeply welcomed by people with activity incontinence; It can also be used by people and female users who are inconvenient to go to the toilet during menstruation due to traffic jams / travel / going out / special operations. It is like a product like underwear, which is very convenient to wear and will not affect the user's action. Pull-up pants is a kind of adult diapers. It has water absorption and can be used at night. However, due to the increase of urination and insufficient water absorption at night, it is generally recommended to use adult diapers at night

The above is how to wear adult pull-ups. Pull-up pants is an elastic waistline. You can choose the size. You must choose the appropriate style to make users more comfortable. If the selected size is too small, it will hurt the skin. If it is too large, it will produce side leakage. Therefore, we must select the appropriate pull-up pants according to the user's body shape.


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