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A Company Baby Diaper Product Introduction

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A company 's baby diaper and pull-ups adhere to the design concept of affinity, nature, comfort and intimacy. Every material of the product is based on natural safety, and every design detail is from the point of view of comfort and practicality. In terms of production technology, the world's most advanced 100,000-level dust-free production workshop is adopted, with 20 Japanese Ruiguang machine full-servo production lines and 5-level 13 TQM quality management processes. The production of each product needs to pass more than 200 inspection points, using automatic operation, automatic disposal, and no manual contact in the whole process, ensuring the production environment of the product is hygienic and providing high-quality product assurance.

Introduction to baby diaper

diaper is mainly used for babies aged 0-2 years, suitable for those babies who do not have the ability to walk independently. At this time, children's physical and motor development is not perfect, and they will not do much exercise. Wear this product to provide a comfortable environment for your baby's bottom. The surface of this diaper is made of hot air non-woven fabric as the bottom film, and there are more than 6,000 nano-permeable pores per square centimeter, which can drain moisture in time. This material is characterized by a soft texture, which can give the baby a high-quality wearing experience; the core is the core of the fourth-generation polymer. The material comes from Japan's Huihao core and Sumitomo polymer material, which is the best material at present, with strong water absorption (maximum absorption capacity of 600 ml, saturated capacity of 700 ml). No lumps, no faults, can take into account the advantages of lightness and thinness; the waist tape is made of American 3M material, designed in the shape of a pacifier, beautiful and safe, round without sharp corners, and does not hurt the baby's skin: the inner layer is designed with 3D nacre, that is, there is a bulge on the surface, Reduces contact with the skin. To increase air circulation, each piece of diaper has more than 1600 ventilation holes for rapid catheterization. Accelerates heat dissipation, which is beneficial to reduce the possibility of baby diaper rash; the side adopts a double-layer leak-proof side design to effectively prevent side leakage of urine, and the waist adopts 12 Lycra rubber band waist design to increase the adhesion to the back and effectively prevent leakage after urine .


Introduction to baby pull-ups

pull-ups. The users are mainly 1-3 year old babys. The design is based on narrow gear and underwear, which can not only meet the basic care, but also meet the needs of the baby's big movement. The design of pull-ups is more close-fitting, which can facilitate the baby's big movements such as walking, running, and jumping. This product uses roughly the same materials as the diaper, but the product design is different. The pull-ups adopts a two-piece design, the ultrasonic edge is softer and more comfortable, and the leg wrapping is reduced, which is more convenient for the baby's movement. Therefore, it is generally suitable for older babys, which can meet the requirements of large movements and reduce the probability of leg deformation. pull-ups is divided into daily use and night use. The difference between the two is mainly in the amount of urine absorbed. The core structure of pull-ups is the same as that of diaper for daily use, the maximum absorption capacity is 600ml, and the saturation capacity is 700ml; for night use, due to the dual-core structure, the maximum absorption capacity can reach 800ml, the saturation capacity is 1000ml, and the double-layer anti-side The leak edge is better, and it can protect the baby's sleep all night.

As a potential stock in the baby diaper and pull-ups industries, Company A is committed to providing high-quality baby hygiene products, conveying brand characteristics to consumers, making itself more competitive, and creating a unique brand image, but at the same time, it needs to clearly recognize Its own shortcomings, accurate market positioning.


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