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Benefits and usage of cotton diapers

# pure cotton diaper

There is a treasure at home. I have changed a lot. Diapers are used to wrap the lower part of the baby's body or spread on the crib to receive urine. The baby has been accompanying the baby from birth to defecation, which is almost his second layer of skin. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, there are more and more varieties. Pure cotton is a commonly used material. What are the benefits of cotton diapers? How to use it?


Benefits of cotton diapers

  • Safe and non irritating. It is made of cotton cloth, which is relatively safe for the baby and has no stimulation.
  • Find the baby's urine in time. Mom and dad will urinate the baby regularly, which makes it easy for the baby to form the habit of urination.
  • Economical and practical. Reusable. Diapers are much more expensive by comparison.


How to use cotton diapers

(1) Use

Be gentle. If the force is rough, it may cause joint dislocation.

The correct method is to gently grasp the child's feet with the left hand, mainly the ankles, gently lift the legs, let the hips leave the diaper, take off the diaper with the left hand, pad it with clean, and then tie it up.

Pay attention to put it in the middle of your ass. if you defecate, you should wipe it with a skin care soft wet towel. When wiping, pay attention to that girls should wipe from front to back and avoid from back to front, because it is easy to pollute the vulva with feces and cause urinary system infection. When you wipe a boy, you should see if there is stool on the scrotum.

Be prepared in advance and replace quickly. In winter, a careful mother should first put it on the heating cover, rub her mother's hands, and then replace it for her baby.

(2) Size

The size is generally 36cm & times; 36cm is suitable, and can also be made into 36cm & times; A 12cm rectangle can also be made into a triangle. It is worth noting that the size should be widened and extended with the growth of children's age.

(3) Quantity

The quantity should be sufficient. A baby needs about 20 days and nights & mdash; 30 bucks. The baby should also be prepared before birth, cleaned, disinfected and dried before use.

(4) Change and wash

For replacement, we must be diligent. Once parents find feces, they should replace them immediately to prevent bacteria in urine from decomposing urea and producing ammonia, irritating skin and causing dermatitis.


Washing steps:

A: Knead after soaking in soapy water;

B: Rinse with flowing water;

C: Scald 5-mdash with boiling water; 10 minutes;

D: Dry in the sun. If it is cloudy and rainy, dry it with a dryer;

E: Fold it up and put it in a clean cabinet.


Finally, it is worth noting that when changing diapers, pay attention to the wiping direction. Because the urethra is short, the urethra and vagina are basically sterile, and the anus and feces are bacteria, the baby girl should be wiped from front to back, otherwise it is easy to bring anal bacteria to the urethra and vaginal orifice, resulting in urethral and vaginal infection.


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