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Current Situation of Diaper WeChat Marketing at Home and Abroad

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The development of diaper and baby pants enterprises, on the one hand, must deal with the challenges brought by the increasingly competitive market environment, and on the other hand, they must face the dilemma of increasing operating costs. This requires enterprises to find a marketing model that is suitable for their own development, can effectively reduce operating costs, adapt to the development of the times, and achieve outstanding results. Domestic and foreign enterprises have begun to pay attention to the e-commerce marketing model with the advantages of saving, high efficiency, fast, low carbon and environmental protection. Sales operations in various industries in China have begun to actively explore emerging marketing models such as Weibo marketing and WeChat marketing, which is also of great significance to the development of existing marketing models.

Current status of foreign research on diaper WeChat marketing

By searching and collecting foreign research data on WeChat marketing, we found that few materials could be found, probably because WeChat is not the main tool for foreign groups to socialize online. The 4P theory, 4C theory and 4R theory mentioned in foreign countries are mainly because these theories are relatively mature and suitable for different types of enterprise research, while the development of WeChat marketing model is not yet mature. The penetration rate in foreign countries is not high, so it is still in the exploratory stage.

Stengo believes that WeChat has certain timeliness, visibility, influence, interactivity and unlimited dissemination. It is an effective, convenient, green and energy-saving advertising promotion method, which is very suitable for the needs of modern enterprises. Businesses can print QR codes on products. With the promotion of enterprise products, consumers can quickly contact the enterprise by scanning the QR code, so as to build a bridge between enterprises and consumers, and help enterprises to carry out further marketing activities. Develop specific markets through WeChat channels, provide high-quality personalized services to potential customers, conquer potential consumers through soft marketing, and provide better brand services.

Nike Hajli and others proposed that under the Internet model, the buyer has the right to control the end user, subverting the traditional market characteristics of the seller. Consumers can independently generate content and share it with others through online channels. The process of sharing adds economic value to the content. Under the action of the business framework, enterprises can explore the integration of product sales into social interaction forms, strengthen two-way communication with consumers, and thus have an effective impact on consumers' purchasing behavior.

The domestic research status of diaper WeChat marketing

WeChat marketing started in 2013, has developed rapidly in recent years, and entered a stage of steady development in 2019. Our first understanding of WeChat practitioners came from WeChat users' circle of friends. The initial form of WeChat marketing was for individuals to post purchases and other information in their circle of friends. With the popularity of the WeChat marketing model, it has attracted the interest of many domestic scholars and began to study it, especially after 2015, the research on WeChat marketing began to increase gradually. Nowadays, almost every WeChat user's circle of friends is seen in the circle of friends.

Huang Zhihong pointed out that in the context of the Internet age, the business environment of Chinese e-commerce enterprises has undergone great changes, and the traditional single-price marketing strategy is difficult to adapt to the development of the e-commerce market. With the change of consumer consumption concept and consumer demand, e-commerce enterprises should implement customer-centric precision marketing, which will be the future development trend of e-commerce.

Ling Maoqing believes that WeChat marketing is a general trend in the Internet age, and it is expected that WeChat practitioners will continue to develop in a growing trend. In addition, with the support of the government's Internet+ activities, enterprises can take advantage of WeChat's instant advantage to achieve rapid product circulation and brand promotion, and actively grasp the market. However, the rough method of arbitrarily refreshing in the circle of friends in the early days is obviously not suitable for the development of WeChat marketing. Research and improve WeChat marketing transaction technology to make WeChat platform more standardized and legalized.


To sum up, with the rapid development of the Internet, consumers' consumption patterns tend to be diversified. As a new marketing model, WeChat marketing is playing an increasingly important role in marketing. However, due to the short birth time of the WeChat marketing model and the lack of research on related theories, most of the current books related to WeChat marketing are aimed at specific WeChat sales practices and skills, with similar content and lack of unique and innovative insights. Most of the research is on the industry advantages and problem analysis of WeChat marketing. Development trend forecast. How to integrate traditional diaper and baby pants brand merchants with the WeChat marketing environment, little research has been done on how to optimize WeChat marketing strategies.


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