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What about Shubiki growth pants? Leading-edge technology to make the baby comfortable


In summer, a light and comfortable, soft and skin-friendly growing pants is undoubtedly the best choice in the minds of mothers and fathers. Among the many quality growing pants brands, the domestic brand Suitsky with the world's leading technology and independent research and development achievements, in terms of product performance excellence, to become the "light of national products" in the minds of parents, a great pride of the domestic brand.

So, what about the Suitsky sports growth pants Suitsky growth pants in the end? Its lightness, breathability, absorption speed, diffusion of why become the best in the growth pants? Follow the reporter to find out together.


Come to the production base of Suitsky, the reporter noted that Suitsky polymerized the international level of technology and equipment, the first and foremost when it imported from Japan, the production line of the RuiGuang diapers. A total of two Rui Guang production lines, and the latest models on the market, a single production value of 35 million yuan, is six times the cost of ordinary production lines. The production line is a well-known production line in Japan used by well-known Japanese diapers, and its application in Japan is not very extensive at present. The reason for choosing this international top production equipment, the brand manager said, only to grasp a piece of growth pants from the overall more comprehensive superior quality.


The reporter picked up a piece of Suitsky sports growth pants, found that its growth pants are extremely thin and light, compared with many well-known growth pants brands on the market are thin and light. The growth pants will be made as thin and light as possible to help ensure that the baby wear breathable, the baby can be more comfortable and comfortable during the period of great movement, explained the person in charge of the R & D center. In addition to the core body is light and breathable and loved by parents, Suitsky sports growth pants are elastic to fit and wrap the baby's body curves so that the baby wears a truly non-sensory and comfortable, baby's big sports period easy to move, not crowded, not strangled, not loose, not collapsed.


Many well-known brands of growth pants on the market today have problems with diapers that are stuck to the skin and deformed and shifted, but the secret to the perfect fit of Suitsky is its original "elastic memory 4.0 structure" patented growth pants. According to the ergonomic principle, by capturing and analyzing the movement amplitude of tens of thousands of Chinese babies at the stage of development, the data is applied to the setting of each elastic band value of the growth pants. Therefore, the value of each elastic band is different, which can fit the baby's curve, and the baby will not be strangled or tightened after wearing them, and the elasticity will be adjusted freely with the elastic memory, which is comfortable at all times. At present, Suitsky "elastic memory 4.0 structure" has applied for a national patent and become a well-known brand name card.


The reporter is sure of the answer to the question of what about the Suitsky sports growth pants. Parents in the summer shopping boom behind, not less brand painstaking research and creation and details on the strength of the promotion, Shu Biqi sports growth pants is due to the collection of leading domestic and foreign technology, and constantly improve independent research and development capabilities, so that the brand "perfect love of the newborn muscle" concept can be implemented, to ensure that the product is light and transparent, do not strangle the skin to ensure that children wear No sensation, and can move freely during the period of great movement!


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