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Aerospace quality space verification, Yinyin Canton Fair interprets the aerospace co-creation of diapers


From April 15th to 24th, the 131st China Import and Export Fair (referred to as the Canton Fair) officially opened. This year's Canton Fair, with the theme of "Connecting Domestic and International Dual Cycles", brought together more than 25,000 exhibitors from home and abroad. As one of the new faces participating in the online Canton Fair for the first time, Guangdong Yinyin Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Yinyin) made a heavy appearance with portable hygiene products customized for astronauts. , showcasing a variety of diaper products in the series of Space Baby, Exploration Elf, Soft Fairy Home, Bole C, etc. to global merchants, which has become a different focus on the cloud venue.


"Cloud" terminal goes overseas to witness the whole process of product production

From the virtual studio full of product displays to the source factory of standardized operations, in Yin Yin's live broadcast room of the Canton Fair, Yin Yin's self-cultivated excellent anchor team is presenting Yin Yin's leading core technology to customers at home and abroad with proficient English. The all-round display covering product measurement and production line not only shows Yinyin's standardized operations, but also gives customers a real look and feel that is rarely seen online.


For the merchants of hygiene products, the choice of each product requires not only brand strength and core technology, but also a deep understanding of product quality and safety, although it is limited by the online model. , but Yinyin's fascinating explanation and the live broadcast of the source factory have won a lot of trust, attracting a large number of customers to "stop and inquire" and the media to report.


Create aerospace standards with China Aerospace

With the successful return of Shenzhou No. 13, "Yinyin Zhizhi", which helps fly Shenzhou, has also become the focus of attention at the Canton Fair. In fact, since 2005, Yinyin has provided aerospace hygiene products for the astronauts of the Shen 6, Shen 7, Shen 9, Shen 10, Shen 11, Shen 12, and Shen 13 spacecraft.

Restricted by the weightless environment of space and the tightness of space suits, sanitary products not only need to solve the basic toilet cleaning problem, but also need to effectively prevent leakage and absorb the ammonia gas generated during the toileting process to reduce the growth of bacteria. With nearly 20 years of dedicated scientific research, Yinyin has made continuous breakthroughs in core requirements such as "lightness, antibacterial, and deodorizing", and has achieved remarkable results. Xie Zhaolin, assistant general manager of Yinyin, said, "Starting from Shenzhou 6, every time the astronauts return to the earth from space, the astronauts will give the company some new suggestions. After continuous improvement and improvement, only in hygiene products, the company has already A total of more than 200 patents have been applied for, and there are more than 100 patents that are still valid.”



It is against this background of R&D that Yinyin has brought many aerospace technologies to the civilian field. The upper and lower layers are separated and diverted to improve the absorption effect and avoid the "intelligent diversion core" of lumps and faults; the "360° cabin-type leak-proof" that fully surrounds the three-dimensional partitions in the front and rear of the space capsule design; the porous structure adsorbs gas (impurities) "Aerospace carbon particles" that play a purifying role... Numerous technological blessings allow space babies, exploration elves, carbon core gravity and other series of products to care for the baby's growth with space quality, and the aerospace-grade standard diapers led by Yinyin have become diapers. The light of domestic products in the world.


Yinyin more care and focus on the future

In addition to the "new technology" brought by aerospace technology, Yinyin has brought more possibilities to the diaper category through the consumption insights of the new generation of parents in the product development for many years. There are many products such as the soft fairy tale family series with comfrey essence and imitation velvet fiber bottom layer to relieve red buttocks, the Bole C series with breathable skin-friendly honeycomb surface layer to make the buttocks breathe easily, nursing pads specially developed for expecting mothers and many other products It also appeared on the scene this time, and was recognized by many merchants for its segmentation in scenes and functions, high appearance and personalized trends.



2022 is a brand new milestone for Yinyin brand development. For Yinyin, this debut at the Canton Fair is undoubtedly of more significance. With the strong influence of the Canton Fair, Yinyin is able to make aerospace quality and segmented products known to customers around the world, so that the advanced technology and quality of the entire industry can further respond to the consumption upgrade needs of global mothers; on the other hand, Yinyin It can also absorb emerging needs from all over the world through exchanges with customers, seize industry opportunities with space-proven aerospace quality, promote the world process of sanitary products, and lead a new generation of "clean, safe, healthy and beautiful".


In the future, Yinyin will continue to devote its enthusiasm to the aerospace industry in the health care of mothers and babies, change product standards with aerospace quality, and make diapers of higher standards with strict quality and ingenuity to bring children around the world. To be affectionate care.


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