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Don't Be Confused As to Distinguish Between Toddler Pants and Diapers

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Whether diapers or toddler pants, they have indeed helped a lot on the road of parenting. However, some baby mothers say that children are now very active and refuse to cooperate with changing diapers. Every time changing diapers is like fighting.

In fact, there is no need to be so troublesome. At different stages of growth, children have different needs for diapers. Just like game upgrades, they need to improve. So, when do you change from diapers to toddler pants?

Change diapers into toddler pants

Babies lie down most of the time and have little activity. Diapers are the best choice. But the baby has learned to turn over, and even to the stage of learning to climb, the amount of activity increases, the baby is easy to move, and it becomes difficult to change diapers. At this time, we should change into toddler pants, which are easy to change, easy to wear and take off, and dad can get it easily.

Toddler pants, also known as growth pants, are essential when the baby comes to the stage of learning to walk. At this time, wearing diapers is easy to cause the Velcro to loosen when walking, and the diapers are easy to slip. Moreover, frequent exercise is easy to cause the diapers to wear askew, and there is a risk of urine leakage. Therefore, at this time, put on growth pants for your baby, so that your baby can learn to walk easily, explore wantonly, and worry free.

Seeing here, I believe parents have some understanding of when to change from diapers to toddler pants.

If your child is currently in the toddler stage and wants to know when to quit diapers, you can take a look at the following points.

How to quit diapers before wearing toddler pants

(1) Children can understand their parents' instructions, keep their diapers dry for more than 2 hours, and even like to imitate the way adults go to the bathroom. These are the signals to quit diapers.

(2) Diapers are not the sooner you quit, the better. Everything has a gradual process. Generally, children will be aware of their excretion at the age of one and a half, and even express that they want to urinate. At this time, parents can train their baby to use the toilet, buy a special and lovely toilet for the baby, and encourage their children to learn to excrete on the toilet.

(3) Getting rid of diapers is not done overnight. First day, then night. Let the child gradually adapt. When the child can get rid of diapers during the day, praise and encourage the child and help the child quit diapers at night.

Quitting diapers is a repeated process. Parents should not be impatient and accompany their children to adapt slowly. Maybe children will also wet the bed in the process of wearing toddler pants. Parents should not blame, care and encourage, and don't let children cause psychological pressure, so they rely more on diapers.


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