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Distinguish the difference between growth pants and diapers to be more comfortable with parenting


As babies grow older, they will begin to stir, roll over, sit and stand, crawl, walk and other large movements. With the development of baby's big movements, many parents will slowly come into contact with baby products like "growth pants". Some parents may wonder what the difference is between growth pants and diapers. In fact, distinguishing the difference between growth pants and diapers is an important part of the parenting process. By knowing the difference between growth pants and diapers, parents can be more comfortable when raising their children.

So, what is the difference between growth pants and diapers? It is understood that both growth pants and diapers can prevent infants and toddlers from leaking, but the difference lies in the people to whom they apply. Growth pants are more suitable for baby's big movement development stage, similar to a small underwear, using elastic waist, easy to put on and take off, reduce the difficulty of parents to change diapers, but also more closely fit the baby's body curve, to avoid baby stirring, roll over, sitting and standing, crawling, walking in the process of side leakage, drop gear and a series of problems. The diapers are suitable for small month-old babies within 3 months of age, the baby's movement needs are not large at this stage, the use of sticky buckle design diapers are sufficient to meet their needs, but also more cost-effective.

After distinguishing the difference between growth pants and diapers, parents can choose the right products for their babies according to their babies' different developmental stages. In the baby's big movement development stage, many parents have a common question: what brand of growth pants is good? How to choose? On this issue, some parents with a lot of experience in childcare recommended Suitsky growth pants. A mom shared: "My baby has become very active since he can stir his legs and roll over. Every time I changed his diaper, I was always disturbed by his movements, so it was difficult to help him put on the diaper properly. Later, I realized that diapers were not suitable for my baby at this stage, so I started to change to other brands of pull-up diapers, but my baby often had problems with side leaks when he stirred and rolled over. However, after changing to Suitsky growth pants, it fits the baby's body very well and basically no side leakage occurs.

It is reported that Suitsky, as the first brand of domestic growth pants, is designed for the baby's big action period, which allows the baby to put on and take off in seconds without strangling or falling during the big action period. Because of the focus on research and development of high quality products, it has a high reputation in the market and has also been recognized by industry professionals, having won the 2018 Golden Mac Award in the quality category.


As the brand's masterpiece, the Suitsky High Protection Growth Pants have a scientific three-layer leak-proof design, with a long elastic circumference, absorbent water, not only to prevent side leakage, but also to help keep the baby's butt dry. Bring "baby comfortable, mother comfortable" good use experience. At the same time, Suitsky's first elastic "Memory 4.0 patented structure", in accordance with the ergonomic principle, focusing on solving the problem of skin tightening during movement, the unique 53 memory elastic tendons, each with a different elasticity, hidden inside the soft surface layer of cotton, gentle memory fit baby waist, legs, crotch, 360°perfect fit baby Body curve, the baby wears, not strangled not tight, not loose not squeeze not fall, truly elastic memory, sports fit. And, Suitsky high care growth pants than ordinary growth pants waist circumference higher than 20mm, expanding the baby waist force area, reducing the pressure of the pants on the baby, but also to protect the baby's stomach from cold.


Therefore, whether the baby is stirring, turning over, sitting, crawling, walking, running and jumping, it does not strangle the baby's skin. In addition, its crotch with U-shaped design, a total of six front and rear tendons upward to prevent the absorption of urine caused by the drop crotch problem, so that the baby more comfortable movement, enjoy every step of growth.


Whether it is distinguishing the difference between growth pants and diapers or selecting the right growth pants for your baby, it is an important lesson for parents in the parenting process. Only by mastering the scientific method of parenting can we meet the challenges of the baby's big movement development period and be more comfortable in taking care of the baby.


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