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5 Tips for Quitting Diapers

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It's something mothers do to give their children up diapers. So how to quickly help children quit diapers?

How to quit successfully? Five steps to quit diapers.

(1) Get used to the feeling of not wearing diapers

First, let children get used to not wearing diapers. So many children refuse to quit because they feel very unsafe after removing nappy. It is recommended that parents help their children take a bath and let their children play in bed without clothes. Let him get used to not wearing diapers and wear it back after a while. If the child is not excluded from wearing, he can try to wear small underpants. Although there are so-called study pants on the market, if the child is not uncomfortable, he will not want to change. Therefore, it is recommended to wear ordinary children's underpants for training.


(2) Imitate going to the toilet and sitting in the toilet

In order to let the child imitate the action of going to the toilet, you can let him go to the toilet with his parents, observe the urination behavior, let the child know what the toilet does, which is not a terrible thing, and then imitate the action of the toilet, even if he wears nappy and sits in the small toilet.

(3) Remind urination time regularly

Don't expect children to learn it right away, and children of this age like playing very much, so even if they know that they feel like peeing, they may not go to the bathroom. Therefore, it is suggested that parents take the initiative to remind their children to go to the toilet and ask: shall we take a small toilet every day? Take your child to the toilet. At the beginning, you can have intensive intervals, such as half an hour or one hour. Observe the child's success in going to the toilet and slowly extend the frequency of going to the toilet. You can easily remind him not to make the child feel that he must do it, but let him be willing to do it. It doesn't matter even if he doesn't urinate, and then next time.


(4) Play close to the toilet to reduce accidents

In order to reduce the number of accidents in the middle, it is suggested that during training, children can play near the toilet and feel that they can control it. If the child successfully urinates, you can praise him. If he fails, comfort him that it doesn't matter and don't put too much pressure on the child.

(5) It's more convenient to quit diapers in warm weather

When giving up diapers, we should also pay attention to convenience and reduce the threshold. It is suggested to wait until the weather is warm, because children may catch cold in winter, and parents will be troubled when cleaning up. And the cold weather, the baby did not wear nappy, will be more unsafe. In addition, the attitude of parents is very important. Don't force children before they are ready.


The process of helping children quit diapers is also a good interactive moment. After all, you touch your baby directly and talk to him. The child also looks directly at you and listens to your voice. This is also a unique time for you and your baby.


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