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Maintenance of Sanitary Pads machinery and Precautions

Through the investigation and maintenance of sanitary pads machinery failure. Organized, planned, principled, standardized and prescribed maintenance management to meet the needs of long service life, high comprehensive efficiency and adapt to the development of production. The combination of electronics, sensors, electrical control, production installation and commissioning knowledge, theory and practice fully reflects the importance of field adaptability of maintenance personnel. At the same time, through the analysis of the subject matter, those engaged in the business can become familiar with the equipment more quickly.

Repair procedures of sanitary pads machinery

(1) Before repair, should cut off the power and gas source of the sanitary pads machinery; electrical repair, should set the line repair, please do not

power on" signs to ensure operational safety.

(2) Judgment before inspection. If necessary, use the drawing data or instruments for testing and analysis to determine the scope of the fault.

(3) Proper use of work, measurement, apparatus, orderly disassembly, pay attention to protect the integrity of the sanitary pads mechanical parts, to avoid the expansion of the fault.

(4) After the repair of the sanitary padss equipment, all work, measurement, apparatus and parts must be collected before the trial run, good cleaning and lubrication, to confirm safety and reliability. Only after debugging to meet the performance requirements, can be put into normal production.


Maintenance of sanitary pads machinery

(1)Keep the appearance of the sanitary pads machinery and the surrounding environment clean and tidy, no impurities, no oil.

(2)The upper roll mechanism, longitudinal folding mechanism, liquid adding mechanism, cross-folding conveying mechanism, longitudinal sealing mechanism, cross-sealing mechanism, conveying mechanism should be clean and free of debris.

(3)Frequently check the fastening status of each cutting knife and transmission parts; the fastening of chain, belt and synchronous belt; the working status of pneumatic parts. When found not to meet the requirements, should be timely adjustment and maintenance.

(4) Bearings, gears, chains and gearboxes should be regularly refueled.

(5) Each air channel and air-water separation cup should be drained in time to keep the liquid level of the air-water separation cup from exceeding the diversion tank, otherwise the diversion water will enter the air channel.

(6)The electrician of technical department should regularly check the electrical working condition of the sanitary pads machinery: whether the operation button, knob, touch screen, indicator, sensor, PLC unit, frequency converter, contactor, relay, temperature regulator, heating parts, etc. are normal to ensure intactness. Keep the electric control cabinet and photoelectric switch clean and keep all kinds of wires in good contact.

(7) wash sanitary pads machine rubber parts, plastic parts, paint parts can only use water and alcohol, toluene and natural water is strictly prohibited; scrubbing organic glass is prohibited when using organic solvents.

(8) operation, should always observe the working state of each part, if there are abnormalities, should immediately stop the maintenance.


Safety precautionsof sanitary pads machinery

(1) Operators receive fire safety training before starting work, can identify safety protection signs, familiar with production safety management methods.

(2) wear and correct use of labor protective equipment, comply with the operating procedures, safe operation, avoid fluke, and do a good job to prevent noise, scalding, electricity and mechanical injury.

(3)The protective device should be reinstalled after repair, and should not be removed without permission, and the damage should be replaced in time.

(4)When dealing with sanitary pads mechanical failure or wet hands, it is strictly prohibited to operate the electrical switch on the sanitary pads machinery.

(5) does not violate the operating procedures, abnormal, the precursors of unsafe behavior of personnel, should be decisive to take emergency stop measures.

(6) Comply with the company's power distribution department safety electricity rules and regulations to ensure the safety of personnel with electricity.


In summary, to combine the actual situation of the sanitary pads machinery, and actively do a good job of protection and maintenance work.


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