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Is It Better for the Baby to Wear Panty Shape Diaper or for the Parents to Help Urinate?

Now babies wear panty shape diaper and nappy when they are young, which will keep their children's hips fresh and clean, but many people doubt wearing panty shape diaper for a long time in summer. Some old people think it's better for their children's parents to help urinate, but is that really the case?

How about wearing panty shape diaper for your baby in summer

In fact, you can wear nappy for your baby in summer, but it is not recommended to wear it often. Because nappy is still stuffy. If the baby is not replaced in time, it is easy to cause the baby to suffer from eczema. I suggest that babies over one year old can guide her not to wear nappy and let them try panty shape diaper.

However, babies often wear panty shape diaper in summer and should be replaced in time. Some babies are fragile and prone to eczema. If the baby wears diapers for a long time in summer, parents are advised to pay more attention to keeping the baby's ass dry and hygienic. After every time the baby has finished defecation, we can scrub the baby in time. We can appropriately choose a little paper towel for the baby, or use the baby's wet toilet paper to minimize the friction of paper on the baby.

After bathing, parents can apply some hip cream to the baby to keep the baby's ass moist. When the weather is relatively warm, parents can take their baby outdoors to bask in the sun to prevent their child from eczema, but they should pay attention not to expose their baby to the sun. Also, buy comfortable nappy for your baby. It's best to choose one with strong ventilation in summer.

Is it better for parents to help urinate than wearing panty shape diaper

At this time, the older generation will say that it is OK to help the children's parents urinate regularly. Is it good for the child if parents help urinate? Generally speaking, the child's body is not fully developed when he is young. The help of parents to urinate is easy to affect the baby's bone growth, which is also unfavorable to the development of the baby's spine and joints. In addition, when the child is very young, the bladder is not well developed. At this time, the child's parents help urinate. The child's urination depends on the conditioned reflex rather than his own physical reaction. Therefore, children who are too young can't often help their parents urinate.

Parents often help their baby's parents urinate, especially when the baby goes to bed at night, which will not only cause the baby's resistance, but also go against the formation of the baby's bladder storage urine and micturition reflex. Frequent urination by parents at night will also affect the child's sleep, which will have a certain impact on the baby's deep sleep, thus affecting the child's growth and development. Or when the child is focusing on observation or doing something, if parents always interrupt, it is not conducive to the cultivation of children's attention and observation.

After one year old, with the growth of age, the ureter grows, the muscle develops and matures, and the anti reflux mechanism is gradually strengthened. Under the normal guidance, children can develop their own urination function.

However, due to the different times and the changes of various situations, we still need to look at it in combination with the situation. When the parents help urinate, the parents help urinate, and the grandparents' thought of taking the baby should also be updated. After all, the necessary products for the baby should meet the factors of comfort, convenience and hygiene. Therefore, panty shape diaper is also a good choice.


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