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Related Concepts of Training Pants Community Marketing

From the research on the current situation of infant training pants and baby pants marketing, the research on the marketing strategy of infant training pants under the background of Internet in the existing literature is relatively scattered, systematic and comprehensive. Foreign social media marketing started earlier, but due to cross-cultural differences and different national conditions, there is less research on the localization of virtual community marketing. From the research status of domestic community marketing strategy, at present, it mainly focuses on the research on the formation, identification and communication mechanism of community marketing. There are few empirical studies on community marketing in the industry. Especially under the new trend of the Internet, there is no research on how baby diaper enterprises use community marketing. Some empirical experience with good application effect has not been summarized and needs further research. Therefore, this paper will provide some references for enterprises interested in developing communities.


Community marketing of training pants: community and virtual community

In the earliest definition of community, sociologists and geographers mostly carried out from the regional level. Category refers to groups that are interconnected and have social relations in the same region or field. American sociologist Daniel Bell divides the community into regional community, memory community and psychological community. Compared with the community, the community pays more attention to spiritual distance. Most members come together to pursue common values, interests and psychological needs.

In 1993, sociologist regold put forward the concept of virtual community, that is, people who break through regional restrictions through Internet connection communicate with each other. Share information and knowledge to form a special relationship network with similar interests and emotional resonance. According to different needs, t. wentling divides the online virtual community into interest community, relationship community, fantasy community and transaction community. In the early days, virtual communities met people's spiritual needs more through mutual communication and interaction, while trading communities were relatively few. Nowadays, with the popularity of mobile Internet, people have realized timely, low-cost and convenient interaction, as well as functions such as address book binding, authentication and geographical location. It also increases the security and authenticity of virtual social networks, making it easier to establish a sense of trust. Sye proposed that members of the virtual community will share activities based on interests, fun, mutually beneficial interpersonal relationships, recognition of others, external rewards and other factors. For example, social e-commerce based on mobile virtual community effectively integrates the online interaction and offline life links of team members, uses diversified services to expand community scenes and contents, and highlights the value of the community.

Social marketing of training pants: social economy

Where there are people, there is demand and business opportunities. Social activities are bound to occur when people gather. How to realize the needs of all kinds of people through social activities is the key to social economy. In the early stage of Internet development, community economy has appeared in places where virtual communities such as microblog, QQ space, Douban and forum gather. However, due to the lack of community spirit and payment channels in the early stage.

Jin Shao Ni Ning believes that community economy refers to the real internal tendency and needs shared and exchanged by community members in the process of interaction. Brands can discover and tap their internal needs through participation and interaction, so as to provide appropriate services or products to meet these needs, so as to make the community produce greater and greater economic value. Li Lu summarized that the development of community economy has experienced three stages from platform community to product community and then to online celebrity economy. Xu Bang believes that the root of community economy lies in connection. The brand should emphasize the connection construction with customers, rather than things and sales. The community economy should not focus on products, but should spread the common will of the community to participants through products and guide the stability and development of the community.

Marketing through the establishment of a training pants and baby pants community is another way for enterprises to seek transformation and seize opportunities faster. Although this domestic marketing method is not yet mature, for the vast majority of people, it is undoubtedly crossing the river by feeling the stone, but combined with their own concepts and relevant examples, I believe that mastering this marketing method will certainly bring unexpected benefits.


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