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Research Status of Community Marketing of Nappy

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Community marketing is also known as social media marketing. Gucci believes that social media marketing is to use social media such as Weibo, social platforms, and sharing forums to enhance the popularity and recognition of brands, products or organizations, so as to achieve the effect of direct or indirect marketing. At present, there are few academic studies on the community marketing strategies of baby diapers and other maternal and child products. The empirical study of the nappy and baby pants community marketing strategy in this study can inspire other products in the maternal and infant industry to apply community marketing strategies and provide reference experience for them.

Introduction ofnappycommunity marketing

Forbes and Vespoli argue that consumers are often influenced by the opinions of other members of the virtual community when making purchasing decisions. Reviews are less affected only when the price of the item is extremely high or low. Seung pointed out that the brand behavior and image in social networks also influence consumers' purchase behavior to a large extent.

Kapla and Haenlein also point out that by publishing interesting, useful, and authentic content, a business’s “social” profile can be boosted, helping to boost consumer buying behavior. Muniz and O'Guinn propose that consumers may come together to form a brand community, and because they use the same brand of products, they may be cross-regional". Schau et al. propose that brand communities can be achieved through cultural capital, sharing and Create consumption opportunities to demonstrate the vitality and value creation of the brand community. Nash believes that the number of community users will have a positive impact on the consumption decisions of community members, and the emotional interaction and trust relationship between community members will stimulate the consumption and behavior of community members.

Liang Wenguang believes that community marketing is a new marketing model that uses virtual communities to establish direct relationships with consumers. Regarding the core logic of community marketing, Wang Jiawei and others believe that it should be from product thinking to experience thinking, from user thinking to fan thinking, from media thinking to data thinking, and from advertising thinking to community thinking.

Li Lianlian proposed that community marketing is user-centered, and a series of network operations should be carried out, including the integration of online and offline, and the expansion of business activities from real life to virtual networks. Cheng Ming and Zhou Yaqi believe that community marketing has promoted the transformation of the marketing model from mass marketing to precise and personalized marketing. Consumers continue to gather in the core community, the blindness in consumption decisions is less and less, and the opinions of other members of the community are more and more referenced. The more, the more trust in the same community members. In the research on community marketing strategy, Wang Zhan believes that it should be based on the community and use the scarcity method to acquire users; give full play to the role of community opinion leaders, and use multiple online and offline interactions to enhance members' community awareness; create topics that can be widely disseminated and communicate with Community members create brand value together.

The formation mechanism of community identification and communication in nappy community marketing

Analysis of community identity in community marketing. Through the coding analysis of Xiaomi user comment data, Yang Yang and other scholars put forward a model of the formation mechanism of brand community identity: identity recognition affects community sentiment. Positive reviews and user behavior, community sentiment drives user behavior.

When Kuang Wenbo and Li Rui studied the mass communication mechanism in community marketing, they proposed the whole link of community marketing. Only by combining a community that gives individuals a sense of collective identity and marketing that summarizes diverse information can the ideal effect of mass communication be achieved. Huang Jiatao conducted a hypothesis test on the adoption of structural equation model by Guangdong enterprises. Empirical results show that social value hidden in brand communities has a significant positive impact on corporate value, and companies can leverage marketing collaboration and co-creation experiences to enhance the social value of communities. The case studies mainly focus on two more representative cases, Xiaomi Community and Logisi, and there are fewer empirical studies on other industries. Through the research on Logi thinking community marketing, Li Lianlian believes that its community marketing strategy is to put users first, take knowledge content as its core competitiveness, build an online business model, and continuously create high-quality content and multi-platform cooperation, Scale up the community and design the means around content implementation.

As the Internet gradually penetrates into the hearts of the people, the traditional marketing methods have also changed. In order to adapt to the ever-changing times, nappy and baby pants community marketing is an important means for the rapid development of enterprises.


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