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Selection Skills of Adult Diapers

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In recent years, with the increasingly prominent problem of the aging of the global population, the consumption of daily necessities for the elderly is also increasing. For the elderly with special care needs, the consumption demand of adult diaper. elderly incontinence product days such as diapers is expanding. According to the research report, the global adult diapers and absorbent pads market has doubled in size over the past decade, growing by 9% last year to $9 billion. In Japan, sales of adult incontinence products have surpassed sales of baby diapers around 2013 due to a rapidly aging population. In recent years, with the continuous changes in my country's demographic structure, adult incontinence products have been recognized by more and more consumers, the domestic consumer market has grown substantially, and their quality has begun to attract consumers' attention.

Two categories of adult diaper

The first is the waist stick type: the waist stick type is suitable for the elderly who are bedridden all the year round and need external help from others to complete the wearing process.

The second is lala pants: this is more suitable for people who are able to take care of themselves.

Of course, there is also a diaper that can be used with both of the above.

For those with mild incontinence who have the ability to act independently, adult diaper pairs of trousers that are not easy to slide can be selected for easy wearing. For people who are bedridden or have limited mobility after surgery, there are adult diapers that are easy to adjust and change.

How to choose adult diaper?

Waist and hip circumferences should be measured well: In order to better exert its urine-stopping effect, the adult diaper needs to be worn in person, so the size requirements are very strict. Usually, waist circumference and hip circumference will be used as reference data for selecting products at the same time, we remember to measure their double circumference in advance!

Absorbent. Whether the reverse osmosis is super strong: whether it is a baby or elderly incontinence product, water absorption and anti-reverse osmosis are important references. Keeping the skin dry is an important requirement of the product, and the liquid penetration speed is fast. Anti-reverse osmosis is an important indicator for judging products.

Test adult diaper Water Absorption. Reverse osmosis tips: Pour 200 ml of water into the product at a time for 2/3 of the urine point and observe its water absorption. After 5 minutes, put a tissue on the skin-friendly layer and press it with a hard object (such as a wine bottle) for 30-40 seconds to judge its dryness and reverse osmosis.

Whether the surface is soft: the skin of the private parts of the human body is sensitive and fragile, and the surface material must be soft and comfortable to reduce damage to the skin.

Is it effective leak-proof: The leak-proof design prevents urination. Adults urinate a lot, choose a leak-proof diaper (inner thigh and waist pleated design), excessive urine output can effectively prevent leakage.

Whether it is breathable: Most of the skin in the privacy of the incontinent is in a humid and hot environment. Products that don't properly transmit moisture and heat can not only be uncomfortable for the patient, but also prone to heat rash and diaper rash, which can lead to bedsores.

Like babies, the skin of the elderly is also more sensitive, so the use of adult diaper.elderly incontinence product needs to choose different products according to different situations, and always pay attention to the wearer's physical condition and adjust it in time.


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