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Pay Attention to the Choice of Postpartum Sanitary Napkins

Many expectant mothers came to ask me if I need to prepare postpartum sanitary napkins. Let's explain today.

It is not recommended to use postpartum sanitary napkins after childbirth if it is natural childbirth.

Even if you buy a doctor, you are not allowed to use it, because natural childbirth will cut side, and airtightness will affect wound healing. Consider using sanitary napkins after discharge. Sanitary napkins must be breathable.

Be sure to choose postpartum sanitary napkins instead of ordinary sanitary napkins.

Although some super long ordinary night use is enough, ordinary sanitary napkins cannot be compared with postpartum special sanitary napkins in terms of materials, hygiene index and air permeability. The physiological condition of pregnant women is completely different from that of ordinary women. Postpartum parturient women have an open birth canal, highly sensitive skin, decreased resistance and easy infection. Ordinary sanitary napkins are made of synthetic fiber, containing chemical components, many impurities, and the disinfection is not strict. Some brands do not even carry out special disinfection. The use of this sanitary napkin will stimulate the wound, aggravate the maternal pain, and increase the maternal infection rate more easily.

Postpartum sanitary napkins can greatly reduce the risk of postpartum infection and are more hygienic. No matter how good the publicity and packaging of other sanitary napkins are, they cannot be compared with postpartum special sanitary napkins and are irreplaceable.


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