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Water Absorption Principle of Disposable Diapers

Nowadays, disposable diapers are at least popular in cities, reducing the burden of baby care. Moreover, disposable diapers are soft and close to the body and have good affinity for the skin. In particular, diapers have another advantage, that is, they have a large amount of urine absorption and strong water retention capacity. Even if the urine is not replaced in time after soaking, the diaper will not feel wet and will not hurt the baby's delicate skin.

The reason why disposable diapers have such remarkable advantages is all from the core part - super absorbent resin. It has the following two basic characteristics in the microscopic molecular structure and composition: it is a three-dimensional network structure of polymer with a certain degree of crosslinking.


Many hydrophilic groups are connected on this three-dimensional network. If this three-dimensional network structure is infinitely enlarged, from the macroscopic point of view visible to the naked eye, it is a bit like loofah tendon or sponge. It is often seen in daily life that each tendon of them is full of hydrophilic groups.

The microscopic characteristics of this structure and composition give the material two macro effects: it has strong water absorption ability, which can generally absorb more than 100 times its own volume of water, and even more than 1000 times its maximum volume of water; It has good water retention, because its water absorption depends not only on its water storage capacity in space, but also on the water absorption of the force between a large number of hydrophilic groups and water. Therefore, it can still hold the water without being squeezed out even under a certain pressure.


The above two points are the most important and key indicators to determine the quality of diapers. In other words, it is precisely because it absorbs more water and can keep water (lock water), so even if the baby urinates more or more times, it can still be "not wet".

Diaper is just the common name of this kind of products when they just appeared in real life, which vividly expresses its characteristics and advantages. The reason why disposable diapers have so many significant advantages is precisely a typical example of modern science and technology and material science benefiting mankind.


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