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Selection Guide of Baby diaper

# Diapers

From the time mothers are ready to give birth, diapers have become an important choice for their babies. Diapers are an artifact saved by countless parents from the endless work of washing diapers. They have also solved many problems for parents in today's fast-paced life. Therefore, most parents are willing to use baby diapers for their children. So how should mothers choose good quality and suitable baby diapers? Let's take a look at these "Raiders"!

How to choose baby diapers?

(1) Moderate size; In the process of choosing diapers, we should first choose according to the baby's weight. The common sizes of baby diapers generally include Nb (newborn ~ 5kg), s (5 ~ 8kg), m (7 ~ 11kg), l (10 ~ 14kg) and XL (more than 12 ~ 16KG). It should be noted that some brands can be divided into male and female baby models, which should also be selected at the same time. Only the right baby is the best.

(2) Comfortable fit; The baby's skin is very tender. Usually, babies who wear diapers wear them almost 24 hours a day. If they are uncomfortable, they will draw red marks on the baby or produce some unnecessary friction, so choose some comfortable and soft diapers with large elastic design.

(3) Large water absorption; Most babies have less urine each time, but they have more frequency every day. Therefore, choosing diapers with large water absorption is not only convenient for yourself to avoid frequent replacement by mothers, but also makes the baby feel comfortable and keep the baby's ass dry at all times.

(4) Lasting dryness and no back seepage; The most important function of the long-lasting, dry and non seeping diapers is to avoid eczema and increase the comfort of the baby, so as to avoid the baby's buttocks always clinging to the diapers wet.

(5) Breathable and not muggy; Permeability is also an important condition for choosing diapers. If the diaper has good air permeability, it can also improve the baby's wearing comfort and avoid covering the baby.

Tips for choosing baby diapers

Of course, after choosing the right diapers, mothers should first test whether the baby will be allergic to them before using the new brand for the baby, follow the correct method to put them on and off for the baby, and pay attention to the replacement time and frequent replacement. It is also necessary to prevent sticking to the adhesive strip when applying hip cream or other moisturizing products to the baby, which will reduce the adhesion of the adhesive strip and affect the baby's comfort. In addition, attention should also be paid to the storage environment of diapers, which should be dry, dark and ventilated. Remember not to put them together with contaminated or daily chemical products.

The above is a guide to the selection of diapers. The most important thing to choose a good baby diaper is to give the baby the most comfortable feeling. Mothers must remember!


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