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The Role and Advantages of Sleeping Pants

# sleeping pants

Like its name, sleeping pants is because it makes women sleep well in peace of mind. This is very extravagant in this relative to some women in the physiological period.

The advantage of sleeping pants:

sleeping pants With traditional sanitary napkins, the full enclosure of trousers is designed with the paste function on both sides of the ass, making the girl very convenient and comfortable in the case of use, and can do the actual effect of zero leakage time when sleeping.

The role of sleeping pants:

Many girls should know very well. When using a traditional sanitary napkin, even if you choose to choose a long and large sanitary napkin on the market, you will still be a side leak or post-leaking. Many girls often fade in peace in this time, causing sleep decline, more serious, even affecting the spirit of the next day. .


This is the role of gravity, and menstrual blood will flow down due to the curve of the body. Nowadays, the flat design of traditional sanitary napkins on the market is unable to fit, and thus, how to be careful, side leakage problems are no longer! Therefore, if the designer will improve the length of the sanitary napkin, it may be handled after a certain level, but the side leakage problem can not be handled, and the excessive sanitary napkin will be in the summer. Extremely uncomfortable, poor breathable, boring, more serious, may also cause allergies

sleeping pants Almost all surrounded by butt, not only has achieved the length of traditional sanitary napkins, but also make up for a very easy side leakage blind spot in the night, solved the side leakage problem of girls worried from the source, no matter how you convert sleep postures, you can Sleep in peace of mind, sleep!


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