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The Difference Between Waist Patch Diaper and Panty-shape Diaper

Nowadays, diapers are one of the essential daily necessities in the process of baby's growth. Of course, the correct use of diapers also has a certain impact on the baby's health. Nowadays, there are waist patch diaper and panty-shape diaper on the market. Which one is suitable for babies?

1.Waist patch diaper and panty-shape diaper

waist patch diaper, that is, diapers in the traditional sense. This kind of diaper can fit the baby's body on both sides. However, waist pasted diapers have some disadvantages, such as inconvenient replacement, which often makes novices anxious; If the bag is too tight, it will hurt, but if it is too loose, it will leak and it is difficult to control.

panty-shape diaper is a very popular diaper in recent years. Compared with waist patch diaper, its waist circumference is designed to be more elastic and easy to wear and take off, which not only greatly saves the mother's time, but also facilitates the baby. It is more personal, leak proof effect will be better, and the mother will no longer have to worry about the baby's urine leakage all the time.

In China, most mothers are used to changing panty-shape diaper for their babies when they are older, because panty-shape diaper is very convenient for mothers to wear and take off, and it is more conducive to the better growth of active babies. In recent years, because the pants are easy to use, and with the development of technology, small infants can also use panty-shape diaper. In Japan, where the use panty-shape diaper concept is relatively advanced, many mothers choose moony pants baby diapers s for their babies, which has been warmly pursued by Japanese mothers.

Which is more suitable for your baby, waist patch or panty-shape diaper

(1) Is it convenient to wear and take off?

It is believed that many mothers are concerned about whether it is convenient to wear and take off. Compared with the two, it is obviously panty-shape diaper easier to wear and take off. panty-shape diaper just like the little underwear, you can put it on as long as you gently lift the baby up, and tear the side of the diaper when you take it off. waist patch diaper requires the baby to lie down and constantly adjust the Velcro to avoid diapers being too tight or too loose, so the waist patch type is obviously more cumbersome in terms of wearing and taking off.

(2) Is it powerful?

These two diapers can help your baby prevent leakage of urine, but in terms of functionality, panty-shape diaper obviously more powerful than the waist patch type. For babies, panty-shape diaper not only can prevent urine, but also can prevent leakage of stool. Especially for newborns, it must be a disastrous problem for every novice parent, but panty-shape diaper can solve this problem well. Take moony trouser baby diaper s as an example. This diaper not only has a soft elastic waist and leg circumference, but also has magic stickers that can be easily kneaded into a ball. It also specially designed a magic soft stool bag - 3D magic soft stool bag, which can easily get rid of sudden loose stool. In addition, the waist fit design of pants and diapers can reduce the back leakage by half, while the ordinary waist fit diapers.

The choice of diapers is also a university question. Whether it is waist patch diaper or panty-shape diaper, novice parents must choose different products according to the baby's different months of age to ensure the baby's healthy growth.


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