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The Difference Between Adult Pull-up Pants and Adult Diapers

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When it comes to the users of pull-up pants and diapers, what comes to mind are some children. In fact, pull-up pants and diapers are not just for babies. Nowadays, some adults can also use them. It's a kind of adult diapers and adult pull-up pants. Like the underwear you usually wear, it is easy to use, and you can still move freely after wearing it. What situation can pull-up pants and diapers be used? Which one is more comfortable, diapers or pull-up pants? Let’s take a look.

1.The suitable groups for adult pull-up pants and adult diapers are not the same:

adult diapers is more suitable for bedridden patients. For a bedridden patient, his or her movement is inconvenient, and the diapers are less flexible and less rigid after wearing. They are more absorbent, dry, safe and hygienic. For bedridden patients, adult diapers is best.

2.Adult pull-up pants It is more suitable for people who can move

For people who can move independently, adult pull-up pants are very lightweight, and patients can wear adult pull-up pants for exercise during the daytime. For adult pull-up pants, their shape is the same size as underwear, with good water absorption and flow, three-dimensional The guard does not leak sideways, which is very beneficial for patients with mild incontinence.

3.Adult pull-up pants and adult diapers have different wearing and dismantling methods

The wearing process of adult diapers is to let the user lie down first, lay the diaper flat on the user's feet, cover the user's crotch with the diaper, stick it on the user's abdominal cavity, adjust the part where you want to stick, and open the diaper. 2 adhesive snap buttons, stick to the carry-on sticker, you can use it with confidence. The way of using the adult pull-up pants is to gently unfold the adult pull-up pants with both hands, and successively put the upper and lower legs of the adult pull-up pants into the adult pull-up pants. Then gently pull up the leather pull-up pants, preferably so that the back is slightly higher than the abdominal cavity, so as to prevent the urine from leaking out of the back. In the end, it is necessary to rub the leg opening along the base of the thigh to prevent side leakage. This is an important part of preventing side leakage. Don't forget it. Many people feel that the adult pull-up pants can be removed just like underwear when they are taken off. In fact, it is not. It should be removed by tearing off both sides and removing it from the crotch, so that the urine on the adult pull-up pants is not easy to be stained on the body or the body. on clothes.


Adults who use diapers at first will not be able to tell the difference between adult diapers and adult pull-up pants. What are the differences between the two? Then you can identify them according to the above method.


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