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Functional Requirements of Intelligent Adult Diapers

The internationalization of adult diapers, paper-based incontinence products and adult incontinence products is an inevitable trend. However, from the current situation, it has not been fully popularized. Therefore, this paper-based focuses on its product system, considering that the system will be oriented to the disabled elderly or people with urinary incontinence, medical staff and family members in medical and elderly care institutions in the future. At the same time, analyze the commercial blood glucose meter, uric acid meter and other products in the market, understand their advantages and disadvantages, and finally determine the functions and characteristics required by the following systems in combination with the needs of this subject.

Intelligent adult diaper function 1: Wearable

The disabled elderly are in poor physical condition, stay in bed for a long time, often can't take care of themselves, and need to wear adult diapers for a long time. The traditional urine test is very unfriendly to them and needs to be sampled independently or with the help of others. A flexible biosensor was fabricated and embedded into the product. It can solve the problem of incontinence and detect disease markers in urine.


Intelligent adult diaper function 2: alarm reminder

When users wearing adult diapers have urine, they need to be replaced in time. Not replacing for a long time will lead to skin redness, itching and serious skin diseases. Considering the partial loss of speech and limb function of disabled people, caregivers often need to check in person to determine whether to replace, which is inefficient. Automatic alarm reminder can be realized by voice, text or intelligent device message reminder.

Intelligent adult diaper function 3: glucose and uric acid detection

The incidence rate of two kinds of disease markers in urine can be detected under the premise of alarming and changing adult diapers. Especially for completely bedridden elderly people, the incidence of diabetes, chronic kidney disease and gout is much higher than that of normal people. Therefore, it is necessary to detect glucose and uric acid. Considering the large volume of equipment required by professional detection methods, it is not suitable for the application scenario of this subject. Therefore, electrochemical sensing method is used for the detection of both.


Intelligent adult diaper function 4: data processing

In medical, pension and other institutions, the staff generally adopt the multi work mode, that is, taking care of multiple elderly people at the same time. The daily data is complex and difficult to record manually. Through wireless communication and equipment coding, the detection and alarm data of each equipment can be returned, which is convenient for staff, doctors or family members to master.

Previous test results can be stored, including test time, glucose concentration, uric acid concentration, temperature, etc. Storage can be stored in local storage or remote server database.

The purpose of historical inspection and detection results is to grasp the user's past physical condition. Doctors, family members or authorized users can use smart phones, computers and other smart terminals to view online.

The cost is the key to the success of an excellent product in the market. Considering the long-term bed sickness of the target population, the family cost is large. If the system is used, the burden will be heavier, which violates the original intention of the design of intelligent adult diapers, paper-based incontinence products and adult incontinence products. Therefore, the products and sensors of the system can be secondary consumables; On the premise of ensuring accuracy and reliability, the detection device is reused and the cost is strictly controlled; In addition, smartphone applications can be downloaded and installed for free.


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