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Advantages and disadvantages of Kotex and SOFY worry-free pants

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Let me introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of the two frequently used brands of Kotex and SOFY which can be used as a reference for selection.

Kotex worry-free pants

Thanks to its improvement, this one won't make any more money for a lifetime.


Advantages: big brands are guaranteed. The main melody of her color is pink and tender. It belongs to the low waist style. The little sister who doesn't like high waist can choose it directly.


Disadvantages: the activity intensity is small, the waist circumference is not so extensible, and the low waist style can't reach above the belly button. It's unfriendly to fat mm. In short, I didn't recommend this one at that time, but this one is the most similar to underwear, and you can start if you like it.

SOFY worry-free pants

There are 2 models. One is the thick basic model, which is not good-looking but easy to use. Let's have a look at the small sister with a large amount; The other is slim and comfortable. It's a little thinner, but it's not much worse than others, but it will be more breathable after all.


Advantages: it's very comfortable and can be divided into two styles. The code number of each style is also very complete. There are even XL sizes. Everyone can find the right one.


Disadvantages: do not engage in activities, not high waist, clothing catering to general.

Although the above two brands of worry-free pants do not do much activity, they all have outstanding characteristics. If the economy is very abundant, there is no doubt that they can be consumed often.


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