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Research Contents and Methods of Comfort and Function of Disposable Diapers

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China's Disposable Baby Diaper Market is still in a period of rapid development, with huge room for improvement. The main reason is that the comfort and functionality of the product have been improved to a certain extent, which can well meet the needs of consumers and alleviate the pressure of new parents to take care of their babies. However, with the continuous development of society, the continuous upgrading of products is also necessary. Therefore, the study of comfort and functionality has also become a necessary step.

Research contents of comfort and function of disposable diapers

Taking the disposable diapers used by infants under 1 year old as the research object and the comfort and functionality as the research content, the performance was discussed through investigation, analysis and testing. Due to the particularity of the research object, it can not accurately express its feelings and comfort. Therefore, the comfort and functionality are objectively evaluated, that is, the comfort and functionality are tested through design experiments, so as to evaluate its comprehensive factors. In terms of material combination design, with the help of computer drawing software and fineport data writing software, a search system for users' browsing and selection is established.

The specific research steps are as follows:

(1) To investigate the use of disposable diapers in infants under 1 year old, and analyze the comfort and function of infants through frequency analysis.

(2) According to the market research and questionnaire survey, six most common disposable diapers in the market are selected as the test materials. Firstly, the liquid absorption and air permeability of the six test materials are tested, and then the liquid permeability time, longitudinal diffusion length, liquid absorption and air permeability of the six test materials are tested from the surface layer, guide layer, absorption core layer and back layer, and the test results are analyzed.

(3) Explore the functions of six test materials from the perspective of ergonomics. As the leg materials of different materials selected in the experiment are water repellent finishing, which meets the production technical standards, the anti hydrostatic performance of the bottom membrane of the six test materials is tested separately, and the index is the anti hydrostatic value. In addition, the tensile property of elastic waistline is tested. The better the tensile property is, the better the fit is, and the more conducive it is to prevent side leakage.

(4) The comfort, functionality and comprehensive properties of six test materials were evaluated by grey correlation analysis.

(5) According to the test results of six samples, use the drawing software to carry out the design of all levels and the overall design of baby disposable diapers, and show the performance of six test materials in the form of * level on the pictures. Then, with the help of high-performance data analysis and display software written in Java, a material combination design search system is established, which not only facilitates designers to select materials, but also improves work efficiency.


Research innovation of comfort and function of disposable diapers

Through questionnaire survey and market research, it is known that there will be two problems of diaper rash and side leakage in the application of disposable diapers. Then, select six representative samples with different materials from the market, deconstruct the six disposable diapers to separate each layer, test the comfort and functionality of the whole and four layers of the six samples, and finally study the comprehensive performance of the test indicators of the comfort and functionality of the six samples.

Based on the performance research, the computer drawing software is used to show the performance of each layer of materials in the form of pictures, and then the software is used to establish an independent selection system for the optimal design of various material combinations, which is convenient for designers to quickly select materials.


The research combines some computer related technologies, which undoubtedly improves the efficiency of the whole experiment. Moreover, when analyzing the comfort and functional data of disposable diapers, it is more convenient than the traditional method.


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