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Research Status of the Functionality of Toddler Pants

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With the wide application of toddler pants in China, it has not only brought us convenience, but also brought many concerns to parents. Consumers have more expectations for it. They not only need it to have certain functions and bring convenience to nurses, but also the design should be more humanized to meet their more needs. Therefore, the market has also changed. Some enterprises have set up independent R & D institutions to realize product innovation and development. Let's start with functional research and see what changes researchers have made in this regard in recent years.

Functional exploration of toddler pants

At present, many researchers have also begun functional exploration. Scholar Xiao Aimin installed a small sensor on baby toddler pants to sense changes in product temperature and humidity. If the urine is wet, the alarm will be delayed for a few minutes. This can remind parents to replace and prevent the impact of long-term wet urine on the baby's skin. Xu Hongxia designed the toddler pants layer structure as high in the middle and low in the left and right to prevent liquid leakage. The bottom layer is composed of polyester film and waterproof non-woven fabric. Waist circumference is divided into front waist circumference and rear waist circumference. Elastic back waist, strong three-dimensional design and good leak proof effect.

Wang Linyu mainly improves the trouser structure by referring to the structure of baby crotch pants. The upper part is pants, the lower part is front and rear open gear, and diapers are placed in the middle. This kind of diaper is plain weave with high density and good leak proof effect. Moreover, it is connected with the pants body with child and mother buttons to facilitate the replacement of diapers. Chen Haichang studied the development of toddler pants in different countries. By introducing the concept of maximum liquid absorption capacity before leakage, the closer the product is, the more closed it is, and the less liquid side leakage is. Improve product fit and reduce side leakage.


Combination of toddler pants and ergonomics

In addition, Baby Toddler pants began to realize innovative development, and the combination of ergonomics and design made the product design more humanized. Ergonomics mainly studies the relationship between human and environment from two aspects of human body and machinery, forming systematic research and scientific theory.

At present, some manufacturers have also begun to use ergonomic research methods in the research and development process. For example, Japan's moony R&D department focused on research and developed "moony air fit" dedicated toddler pants for low weight children, which is more suitable for ergonomics, and is suitable for newborns weighing less than 3000g. This product adopts arc design and telescopic enclosure, which is more suitable for newborn C-type bone and intimate navel protection design to take full care of Petite newborns. Pampers also launched a new platinum clothing series. Compared with the old version, in addition to the newly upgraded layers of materials, the new version also designs a wet urine display strip outside the breathable bottom layer, which is locked in the center to facilitate parents to replace wet toddler pants in time. This innovative functional design is also a good selling point of diapers.


With the gradual improvement of the performance of toddler pants, functionality has increasingly become a direction for major enterprises to compete for consumers. In order to better explore functionality, researchers should pay more attention to analyzing the needs of consumers.


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