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Advantages and Disadvantages of Soft Feeling Pure Cotton High Waist Pants Menstrual Underwear

The above describes in detail what preparations must be made before buying period diaper, menstrual underwear and menstrual panties. This article actually introduces the advantages and disadvantages of commodity evaluation for your reference.

Advantages of SOFT FEELING pure cotton high waist pants menstrual underwear:

The material is soft, comfortable to wear, high waist circumference and large ductility. Fat mm doesn't have to worry about being unable to lift it, and thick doesn't have to worry about multiple side leakage. One more thing to say, this period diaper is really friendly to chubby fairies.

Disdvantages of SOFT FEELING pure cotton high waist pants menstrual underwear:

① There is no portable version of 9-15 tablets in each bag. Therefore, when you go out, you only have to disassemble the packaging without activities. The price is high.

② The distribution of goods is narrow, and many shopping malls do not sell them.

③ It's soft and easy to break. If you're not careful, you'll poke a hole in your waistline. Because of its thickness, even if the product advertises its excellent air permeability, you'll still feel that the air permeability effect is poor after a long time. You little fairies need to quickly change your aunt's towel after waking up. You can't be greedy for convenience and wear it all the time.

SOFT FEELING pure cotton high waist pants menstrual underwear is really suitable for fat mm. There is no need to worry about finding suitable specifications. This menstrual panties ensures that you can sleep until dawn.


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