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Preparation for Purchase of Period Diaper

Today, I will briefly introduce a lady's personal hygiene protection products. At present, there are well-known brands on the market calling them period diaper, menstrual underwear and menstrual panties. This product can really ensure that there is no leakage at night. When you feel dawn, it is better than those night extended sanitary napkins, which are praised very well. What preparations should be made before buying?

Before buying period diaper, you need to know your waist and chest circumference.

Most goods are divided into two or three yards, so fairies need to buy according to the yards. However, because this kind of goods is malleable, some fat girls and thin girls don't have to worry too much. They can be used as long as they are not too fat or too thin.

Period diaper has almost the same air permeability as sanitary napkins

Menstrual underwear has very good sealing performance. The problem of poor air permeability will be revealed after a long time. Girls who will mind the problem of air permeability should use it carefully.

The absorption of period diaper is greater than that of sanitary napkin

Unless it's bleeding, there's no need to change it at night.


Period diaper is most suitable for purchase when there are promotional activities

It usually consists of "2 + 1", that is, one in a bag is given as a gift, or one in a bag is bought as a gift, that is, one bag is bought as a gift. There is no need to hoard too much. Usually, in the case of promotional activities, it can be prepared for a month or two.

These are some early preparations for buying period diaper, menstrual underwear and menstrual panties. Do the fairies know how to choose the most cost-effective?


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