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Market Analysis of Pull-ups

# pull-up pants

Pull-ups instead of traditional diapers is another important manifestation of social and economic development. Although the price of the product is relatively high, it has brought great convenience to most infant parents due to one-time use and comfortable wearing, and its utilization rate has increased in recent years. In addition, modern people's consumption concept has also changed greatly and the per capita income is increasing, which makes this upward trend more significant.

Current situation of pull-upsin China

However, compared with the overseas pants Market, the domestic market share is small. In the investigation and research, it is found that the top products in the industry are foreign old brand products. But from another perspective, China's infant market is in a period of rapid development, which can tap great potential. However, in the process of using the product, due to improper care, long-term wearing and quality problems will have a certain impact on the baby's health. If some babies have red buttocks or diaper rashes, these problems will affect consumers' purchase intention and use satisfaction. If the product is used too frequently, it will affect the baby's reproductive system. It can be seen from the literature that long-term use will lead to male infertility in adulthood, while female infants are prone to urinary tract infection and affect pudendal health. Therefore, consumers' requirements for comfort and safety have been improved, which also promotes the development of the market to comfort and safety. And the product is closed during the wearing process, and produces a micro climate of skin - pull-ups - environment. The permeability and moisture permeability of the product are closely related to the incidence rate of diaper rash.


Research basis of pull-ups

According to the literature, infants under 1 year old are mainly in bed, and the movement characteristics are mainly turning over and crawling, and the movement range will increase in the later stage. During this period, the use of baby pants is relatively frequent, and the body movement dominated by turning over and crawling is easy to lead to product side leakage. Anti side leakage index is one of the main factors of inspection quality, and it is also an important function of pull-ups. Side leakage seriously affects the utilization rate, comfort and satisfaction of consumers, and is also one of the most worrying factors for consumers when using products. Therefore, it is necessary to study the side leakage performance.

In addition, three points will be involved in the R & D process of the production enterprises of pull-ups. The first is to conduct market research on the application feedback of consumers, the second is to test and analyze the performance of various materials of the product, and the third is to conduct combined design on the materials used.


Combined with the current digital environment, computer software technology is used to design the combination of lesbian pants materials. Computer graphics software can improve production quality and efficiency, and lead to innovation in product design and sales. At present, the application of computer drawing software in textile industry is mainly reflected in digital dyeing and weaving fields such as printing CAD / CAM system, jacquard CAD / CAM system, garment CAD / CAM system and so on. Although computer graphics software has been rapidly applied in the textile field, compared with foreign countries, the utilization rate of domestic manufacturers using computer graphics software for R & D and design is still low.


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