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Harmness of Frequent Use of Sanitary Napkins by Women

# Sanitary Napkins

Some people can't live without sanitary napkins almost every day; Some people only use it when there are many secretions during ovulation; Some people don't use sanitary napkins under any circumstances because they think they will cause vaginitis.

Frequent use of sanitary napkins or susceptibility to vaginitis

The surface glue is airtight, and long-term use will greatly improve the humidity and temperature of private places (especially in hot summer). This not only creates suitable conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi, but also destroys the pH of the vagina, reduces the protective barrier effect of private parts, and will cause vaginitis. If not treated in time, inflammation will lead to pelvic inflammation and increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy and even infertility.

So, if you're not in your period, you don't have to. If it must be used, it should be changed frequently to reduce the possibility of virus growth.

More often, in order to avoid discomfort caused by private secretions on underwear and strengthen personal hygiene, it is often used in non menstrual periods. This practice is obviously undesirable.

Long term use will lead to damp private places, thus forming a hotbed for bacterial reproduction, greatly increasing the risk of infection. Because of the strong hormone secretion in pregnant women, the secretion of leucorrhea will increase significantly. At this time, we should pay more attention to the protection of private parts. Because once infected, it may cause premature birth.

In addition, if you want to use it, you can choose the sanitary napkin with pure cotton texture and strong air permeability. The use time should not exceed 4 hours at a time. The fragrance type is rejected because of the addition of chemical ingredients, which is irritating to the vagina! Many people think that using sanitary napkins is to keep private places clean, but more often we are counterproductive. Long-term use can not only keep clean, but also lead to gynecological diseases. Although convenient, it can not be abused! Pay more attention to the small habits in your life. Maybe that's the culprit causing you to suffer from gynecological diseases!

Tips for using sanitary napkins

(1) With pure cotton texture, it will have better air permeability.

(2) Do not use fragrance type, because the fragrance comes from the addition of chemicals, which is irritating to the skin and unfavorable to the local environment.

(3) Replace it every 4 hours. Don't let bacteria accumulate for too long.

(4) Don't use it immediately after bathing. Let the local environment completely dry. It's best to use an air duct. Dry it slowly with cold air before pasting it. Don't let the environment start from humidity.

(5) After urination, try to wipe the secretion with a paper towel to reduce the "bearing" amount.


Therefore, regular use of sanitary napkins will indeed cause certain hidden dangers, so don't use them all the time because you are lazy at ordinary times. Pay attention to personal cleaning and care, health and hygiene use!


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