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Wu Xiang, founder of forest family brand - diapers diapers


Mr. Wu Xiang is the co-founder of forest family brand. Under his leadership, the forest family diaper series has obtained dozens of national patents, and has successively developed a comprehensive personalized skin care system based on green, safe and environmentally friendly materials combined with skin gene detection and phenotype detection, emphasizing the personalized solution of infant care on the premise of understanding and quantifying the material level and skin surface data in all aspects.


Development history of forest family diaper brand

Germany's unique skin and diaper quality database (GMPC)


Wu Xiang, who was in his early 40s, was dressed in a suit and shoes, with a flat head and the appearance of a veteran cadre. Mr. Wu joined the army in 2001, studied medicine, retired from the army in 2006, established a family in 2007 and had his own child. In 2009, he did not hesitate to enter the diaper industry. After five years of continuous exploration, learning, research and precipitation.


“ From its inception to the present, various factors seem to be coincidence. In fact, it is all kinds of accumulation and persistence that make us step by step to the present, which contains necessity in addition to chance. Like diapers, many people think it's easy to do, but it's especially difficult to do it in practice. When I first entered the industry, I felt it was very easy, but it will become more and more difficult& rdquo;


Mr. Wu Xiang convened a group of like-minded partners to start a business together. These include the first batch of diaper equipment engineers at home and abroad and doctors in new material research and development, and have established in-depth cooperative relations with dermatologists in Charlotte, Germany and doctoral guides in dermatogenomics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


In 2015, the R & D team was officially established. After five years of polishing, time pays off. In the in-depth research and cooperation of the team, the emergence of diaper materials and baby skin care database system has become the first entrepreneurial achievement of forest family brand. 18 years of medical and production R & D experience has deeply embedded the rigor of scientific researchers into the blood, I hope to pass on the concept of health to the public through my exploration of medical health and serve more babies.


Diapers are disposable products. They are made of non-woven fabric, toilet paper, fluff pulp, high molecular absorbent resin, PE film, rubber band and other materials. The core technology is & ldquo; Core & rdquo;, And green, safe and environmentally friendly materials.


“ Without this all-round technological innovation study, there would be no forest family diaper brand today. Why do we always adhere to the production of innovative, green, safe and environmentally friendly materials and walk out of a differentiated path for sensitive skin. It is because the forest family brand was born by taking care of children's mental health& rdquo; Wu Xiang said. Also from this successful research and development, in order to create healthy and environmentally friendly diaper products belonging to Chinese people.


Relevant consumption surveys show that the new generation of parents of the post-80s and 90s want diapers to have properties such as air permeability, softness, absorption capacity, safety and non stimulation.


After five years of research and development, the forest family brand was officially launched on the market in 2020, with a water absorbent polymer content of more than 1000ml, and still ensuring the lightness, softness and breathability of diapers. Forest family brand has really achieved & ldquo; Thin and absorbent& ldquo; Soft and dry & rdquo; It can have both. It solves the pain points that the first, second and third generation core diapers can't solve at one fell swoop, and meets the needs of new parents for & ldquo; Fine parenting & rdquo; It also provides a more comfortable and healthy diaper wearing experience for infants.



Brand advantages of forest family diapers

For a long time, domestic consumers, especially high-end groups, have doubts about Chinese brands. Wu Xiang thought of & ldquo; Curve to save the country & rdquo;, Get the diapers of forest family brand to accept various authoritative certification in the world. For example, the forest family brand diaper has obtained the quality certification of FDA, CE of EU, GS of Germany, dermatest of Germany and ISO9001. It has become one of the few domestic diaper brands that have obtained the five major international certification at the same time. At the same time, it is also the first domestic diaper brand in China to take the initiative to submit for inspection and pass the detection of Swiss SGS zero formaldehyde and zero phosphor. It has the qualification to export to European and American countries.


“ We need a third party to prove that our products are good, and if our products want to go abroad, these certifications can also play a role. For example, we will soon export our products to Germany. If our products can be recognized in such a harsh market environment in Germany, on the contrary, they can also be recognized by domestic consumers& rdquo; Wu Xiang said.


At present, forest family brand series products are mainly distributed in central, Eastern, southwest and East China. With the development of Internet plus, the sales channels of forest family brand in April 2022, the number of stores nationwide has exceeded 2000. At the same time, improve Baoma's social and knowledge sharing center and product experience center with shopping function.


Unlike foreign mature markets, Wu Xiang believes that at present, under the competition of more than 1200 enterprises in China, the Chinese market is full of vitality and opportunities everywhere. However, he also mentioned that due to the low threshold of the industry, a large number of enterprises are speculative, and the industry is in constant chaos, thus losing the trust of domestic consumers.


“ It is hoped that the state will strengthen supervision in this regard, expel bad practices, cultivate good brands, restore the trust of domestic brands to consumers, and even win back the foreign brand market& rdquo; Wu Xiang said.


Talking about the future, & ldquo; Military origin & rdquo; Wu Xiang said he appreciated Huawei's long-term focus on technology and product research and development. He believed that even if an enterprise's products and technology can take the lead temporarily, it can't relax. It must invest wholeheartedly and continuously in order to maintain its continuous leading advantage& nbsp;& ldquo; It is hoped that through the continuous efforts of our team, the forest family brand can develop driven by technological innovation, create better products, be respected by the market and recognized by consumers. When an enterprise runs a marathon, it can't say who is ahead even if he has just run 100 meters. It should depend on who can calm down and who will cross the finish line first& rdquo;


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