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Three Common Sense of Cotton Soft Skin Friendly Sanitary Napkin

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Women's cotton soft skin friendly sanitary napkins should bear in mind three small knowledge. Let's talk about what we actually have.

Do not use snow white cotton soft sanitary napkin

Many people feel that white things look neater. But in fact, many things are not very white. Some manufacturers deliberately add some whitening and glowing chemicals to their products in order to make their products look more attractive. Most of these chemicals have chemical components, and the triangle is in contact with this item for a long time, and inflammation occurs sooner or later. Therefore, when female friends buy sanitary products, they should not deliberately buy ones that look very white

To buy cotton soft sanitary napkin, you should go to a large supermarket or shopping mall to buy

It is often advocated that female friends should choose well-known brands or large supermarkets or shopping malls to buy hygienic products, because such places are relatively reliable, and people need to evaluate users. If you buy low-quality products, they will be consumed. If there is a problem after the user buys it and uses it, the consumer is likely to go to the store to pursue the claim. If this kind of trouble, it is very easy to damage the reputation of the store. Therefore, a larger store must have regular customers, so most of the products sold are guaranteed to be safe.In order to save costs and get higher profits, small shops usually like to buy products made by small factories. In order to save costs, small factories can only use shoddy products in order to save costs. Once female friends use unqualified personal hygiene products, the triangle area that the products directly contact is more likely to be infected with diseases.


Please do not use cotton soft sanitary napkin that makes your skin allergic

Skin allergies from using sanitary products are a common occurrence for many women - if the triangle becomes itchy after a short period of time after you put on the sanitary products, then this is an allergy. Once such a problem occurs, please replace it immediately, and do not feel that the allergic symptoms will subside after the body adapts.In order to reduce the problem of skin allergies, you can't choose this one if you see a cotton soft sanitary napkin% discount on a certain well-known brand. For brands that have not been used before, there is no guarantee that skin irritation will not occur after use.

Bear in mind the common sense used by these three cotton soft sanitary napkins, learn to protect yourself, and not let yourself use fake and shoddy goods.


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