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Talk to Liquid Sanitary Napkin

Liquid sanitary napkin is a new concept personal hygiene product. Although the product is practical, many women don't know it yet

"Itching" caused by liquid sanitary napkins is a normal condition

Every time an "old friend" comes, he doesn't feel any discomfort at first. After two days, he finds that his lower body sometimes seems to be crawling quietly and itching. In fact, on special days, the lower body is often hot and humid, especially in case of large amount, the skin is stuffy for a long time. Of course, it's uncomfortable, and it's normal to cause itching. The best way is to keep the body clean and dry. For example, use a comfortable mesh surface and a liquid sanitary napkin with good air permeability. Often clean the vulva to prevent itching, bacterial growth and inflammation.

The "closed" package of liquid sanitary napkins is actually poor

Many people wrap their lower body tightly when menstruation comes. In order to protect the smell, the result is not worth the loss. The tighter the seal is, the more difficult it is to release the gas smell, the longer it gathers, the greater the smell, and the long-term sealing state will also cause some adverse reactions to the body. On special days, you can't wear tight pants. It's not suitable for eating high-fat and high-energy ingredients. Instead, you can use light foods - such as fresh fruits, vegetables and fruits, soy products and soy protein, so as to refresh your body.


The more frequently you change liquid sanitary napkins, the better

The advertisement of sanitary napkin on TV vividly demonstrates the characteristics of strong absorption, anti side leakage and anti back leakage of goods, so that you can see it at a glance. It gives people an illusion that it is insignificant to use the same sanitary napkin for a long time. In fact, this is wrong. Because of the structure, design scheme and raw materials of sanitary napkins, even the sanitary napkins with qualified quality are inevitably cross polluted by the unique physiological structure of anal doorway, urethra and vagina. Therefore, the sanitary napkin should be changed frequently, generally four or five hours. When the total flow is large, it is best to change it every 2 ~ 3 hours, which has a lot of benefits; In addition, daily cleaning of vulva is very important in physiological period.

Although liquid sanitary napkins are very good commodities, only reasonable and appropriate use methods can get the best state.


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