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Research Significance and Content of Super Imitation Cotton Polyester Spunlaced Medical and Health Nonwovens for Baby Pants

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Baby pants has been widely used all over the world, and its utilization rate is still improving. Therefore, in order to better occupy the market, many enterprises are trying to manufacture baby pants manufacturing technology for the purpose of producing products with better performance and price than other brands. There is a study on the use of super Imitation cotton polyester spunlaced nonwovens. Next, we will briefly introduce its significance and experimental content.

Research significance of super Imitation cotton polyester Spunlaced Nonwovens for baby pants

At present, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the variety of disposable sanitary products, which urges enterprises to continuously develop all kinds of disposable sanitary products with good comfort. The traditional polyester fiber can not meet the requirements of hydrophilicity and rapid liquid penetration of spunlaced nonwovens. In order to solve this problem, the super cotton like polyester with moisture absorption, perspiration and fast drying is used as the raw material, which is combined with ES fiber with Spunlaced, hot air and hydrophilic treatment. Spunlaced / hot air nonwovens overcome the disadvantages of long penetration time, poor dryness and poor comfort of polyester / viscose nonwovens. At the same time, the concave convex surface material can be made according to the needs, so that the super Imitation cotton Spunlaced material has a special style. The purpose of this project is to develop super Imitation cotton polyester Spunlaced / hot air nonwovens with super Imitation cotton polyester fiber and ES fiber as raw materials through Spunlaced entanglement and hot air reinforcement.


Main research contents of super Imitation cotton polyester Spunlaced Nonwovens for baby pants

(1) The first thing to do is to test the properties of this kind of nonwoven material, compare its similarities and differences with ordinary polyester fiber and ES fiber, and analyze the performance characteristics of super Imitation cotton polyester fiber.

(2) The super cotton like polyester fiber mesh, super cotton like polyester / ES fiber mesh and ordinary polyester fiber mesh were reinforced by Spunlaced, and the spunlaced materials containing ES fiber were treated by hot air; Carding ES fiber mesh, direct drying hot air.

(3) Explore the hydrophilic mechanism of surfactants, and select appropriate surfactants to finish super Imitation cotton spunlaced nonwovens.

(4) Analyze the properties of nonwovens produced in different proportions and different spunlaced process conditions, select better super Imitation cotton polyester / es Spunlaced / hot air nonwovens, test the basic properties, and compare them with ordinary es hot air nonwovens and ordinary polyester spunlaced nonwovens.

(5) The orthogonal experimental table is designed to optimize the experimental scheme of super Imitation cotton polyester / es Spunlaced / hot air material, obtain the best experimental parameters, compare and analyze with ES hot air nonwovens with the same surface density, and put forward the feasibility scheme of improvement.


Whether nonwovens are suitable for baby pants can also provide reference value for other related research. Although it is widely popularized in the same industry, if the current products can be optimized and cost-effective, it is likely to be the next mainstream material.


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