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Seven misunderstandings in the use of bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkins

During each menstrual period, the heart warming assistant is undoubtedly a bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkin. However, if you use it incorrectly, it is likely to let the bacteria affect your privacy. This article is about the popularization of basic knowledge. We must pay attention to these seven misunderstandings of sanitary products!

Misunderstanding 1 of using bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkin: put it in the bathroom

In our country, most of the toilets can't see the sun all day. They are also very wet and cold, which is very easy to grow mold. If the goods are put in the bathroom, they will be very easy to be polluted.


Misunderstanding 2 of using bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkins: buy without looking at the shelf life

Many female friends buy many bags of sanitary products at a time for convenience. However, the regulations on this product are very strict. The closer the date of delivery, the more guaranteed the quality.


Misunderstanding 3 of using bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkin: love to buy promotional goods

Generally speaking, marketing goods and gifts are often unsalable goods tied up by stores. For example, the use of materials will be more economical, the inspection will be more relaxed, and the inventory time will be longer. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of goods.


Misunderstanding 4 of using bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkin: do not wash hands and disinfect before use

If you don't wash your hands and disinfect before use, you will send a lot of germs to the goods in the whole process of opening, flattening and pasting sanitary napkins.

Misunderstanding 5 of using bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkins: love those containing drugs or aroma

Most doctors do not agree with the use of sanitary napkins containing drugs or aroma. Because drugs or aroma components may have adverse effects on human body.


Misunderstanding 6 of using bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkin: not diligent replacement

According to the survey, the use of sanitary products in each physiological period of Chinese women is significantly lower than that of Western and Japanese women. We can't change products without diligence due to economy.


Misunderstanding 7 of using bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkin: blindly pursuing perfection and large intake

If you are lazy to replace sanitary products, it is also very wrong, because it is very easy to cause the growth of bacteria.

Bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkins directly contact the private parts of women. We must not be careless and strictly do a good job in the above seven precautions.


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