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Purchase Principles of Diapers

There are a wide range of diaper brands in the market, with different functions. So the question is, how should parents buy safe and healthy diapers for their baby? The staff of "Dad's choice" R & D department said that parents must consider both appearance and interior when selecting products. Therefore, this article will give the following suggestions.

Basic purchasing principles of diapers

When buying diapers, don't easily believe the advertising of businesses. Parents can test at home and choose the products that are most suitable for their baby. Whether the product can not afford lumps and layers is closely related to the core material and structure used. In terms of core material R & D and production, China is not only not backward, but also at the world leading level. First of all, the product size must be suitable for the baby's body shape. The size can be divided into five types: primary type, small, medium, large and plus large. Parents must be cautious and always pay attention to whether the product conforms to the baby's body shape. Whether the elastic groove is too tight will strangle the baby's skin, especially the elastic groove in the legs and waist, otherwise it will strangle the baby's skin. It should be noted that sometimes the dimensions are not exactly the same, and may vary depending on the manufacturer's brand. Parents may wish to indicate the reference number of the outer package.

Secondly, the leak proof design can prevent the baby from leaking urine. When the baby has a large amount of urine, even if he has just changed his diapers, the urine may leak out from both sides. In this way, not only will the baby's clothes be dirty, but also the baby will cry because of discomfort. Leak proof diapers are pleated on the inner thigh and waist, which can prevent leakage when the baby's urine volume is too large. The adhesive function is better. When in use, the adhesive should be close to the product and can still be pasted repeatedly after being untied. Even if the baby jumps again, it will not loosen or fall off.


Precautions for selecting diapers

  • Diapers should be soft, non allergic and contain skin care ingredients. The baby's skin is very thin, especially the wear-resistant cuticle is very thin; There are few collagen fibers in dermis, lack of elasticity, easy to be damaged by friction, imperfect functional development of immune system, weak resistance, improper product stimulation and frequent allergy. Therefore, the surface in contact with the baby's skin must be soft and comfortable, most like cotton underwear, including telescopic waist and adhesive tape. It does not contain irritating ingredients; It will neither cause friction irritation to the baby nor cause skin allergy. Of course, it is better to have ingredients with skin care effect such as aloe, which can effectively block the irritants in urine and avoid the damage of baby's tender and sensitive skin.
  • Diapers should have strong water absorption. The reason is that the baby's metabolism is relatively strong, especially in water metabolism. In addition, the bladder is small, so you urinate many times a day. The younger you are, the more you urinate. If the care is not timely, the baby's hips are often wet.
  • Choose breathable diapers. Because the sweat gland sweat hole of infant skin is only 1 / 2 or smaller than that of adults, although the skin area is much smaller than that of adults, the amount of sweat is almost the same as that of adults. Therefore, when the ambient temperature rises, it is difficult to control the temperature of the skin. If moisture and heat cannot be properly revealed, it is easy to produce heat wandering and diaper rash. Therefore, parents should choose breathable polyethylene film, so that many invisible pores contained in the product can discharge the muggy water on the baby's ass without leakage of urine. In addition, breathable membrane products are also very soft.


Diapers are mainly for babies to wear properly and comfortably. Domestic brands have risen. When choosing, mothers should analyze according to various factors and do not blindly pursue vanity and buy "foreign brands" with high prices.


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