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Precautions for Sanitary Napkin Pants

# Sanitary Napkins

What should you pay attention to when using sanitary napkin pants? The possibility of bacterial infection can be reduced by ensuring the following aspects.

Wash hands and disinfect before using sanitary napkin pants

Before each use, wash hands and disinfect with soap and flowing water to prevent germs from entering sanitary napkin pants, and then enter the body through menstrual blood at night, so as to cause Qi or gynecological diseases. In addition, women's private places are wet and cold, and there are many chemicals in their menstrual blood at night, which is easy to produce bacteria. Therefore, they are replaced every two hours. Even if the total flow of menstrual blood at night is small, it cannot exceed 4 hours.

Do not use sanitary napkin pants containing aroma or medicine

Sanitary napkin pants are only general sanitary daily products, which can not replace drug treatment at all. The fragrance or drug taste of sanitary napkin pants is directed towards all groups, not developed for diseases. If menstrual blood, night odor or other abnormalities occur, regular hospitals should be selected for treatment.

Do not put sanitary napkin pants in the bathroom

The damp and cold gas in the toilet will lead to the damp of goods and the growth of bacteria. As far as possible, put the unpacked goods in dry and tidy conditions. In addition, it is not convenient to purchase too many at one time.


Ensure the above three points, and ensure appropriate small details before, during and after use, so as to greatly reduce the risk of pathogen infection.


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