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Current Standard for Pads with Wings

Since 2000, the new national standard GB8939-1999 has been implemented for pads with wings, which is a revision of the original standard gb8939-1988. Based on our experience in sanitary napkin product testing, the current national standards for sanitary napkins are analyzed as follows:

Classification and grade of pads with wings

The current standard divides the pads with wings into excellent products, first-class products and qualified products according to the technical quality, while the original standard divides the products into three grades: A, B and C. At the same time, the new standard has included the sanitary pad into the assessment scope and made specific provisions on its technical indicators. As the sanitary pad is an external physiological article for women's non menstrual use, the water absorption ratio of the sanitary pad is not less than 3.5 times, which is much lower than the requirement that the water absorption ratio of the pads with wings is not less than 9 times. At the same time, there is no specific regulation on the permeability of the sanitary pad. However, as women's physiological hygiene products, sanitary pads, like sanitary napkins, comply with the relevant hygiene indicators specified in the hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products (gb15979-1995). In addition, the pH index of sanitary pads is the same as that of first-class and qualified sanitary napkins, which is 5.3 ~ 8.2.

Quality deviation of full length and full width of pads with wings

The original standard gb8939-1988 gives the specifications and classification of sanitary napkin products according to length, width and strip quality. The current standard points out that those with an effective length of not less than 160ram are sanitary napkins and those with an effective length of less than 160ram are sanitary pads. There are no specific provisions on the length, width and strip quality of sanitary napkins, but only the total length deviation, full width deviation and strip quality deviation of sanitary napkin products. Due to the great differences in the age, physiological characteristics, occupation, culture, income and consumption habits of sanitary napkin consumers, the specifications and styles of sanitary napkins on the market have diversified in order to meet different consumption needs. The current sanitary napkin standard does not specify the length, width and strip quality of sanitary napkins, which conforms to the changes of the market. In the actual inspection, the full-length deviation, full width deviation and strip quality deviation of some well-known brands and enterprise products with standardized management can meet the specified requirements. Individual enterprises neglect the quality management, the product quality fluctuates, and the quality deviation exceeds the standard.

Because the quality of pads with wings is related to the health of women, bacteria exceeding the standard are often detected in the previous national supervision and random inspection, and some even pathogenic pyogenic bacteria exceeding the standard. Therefore, the State specifically lists sanitary napkin products as disposable sanitary products. The sanitary indicators of products and production environment must meet the standards, and production can be carried out only with a "hygiene license".


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