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Analysis of the Effect of Baby Pants on Seed Germination

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There are many related reports on the application of water-retaining agents in agricultural production, such as planting and cultivating various crops and their pastures. But just stop at observing its surface effects. There are often other factors in the experimental design, and the results pages are not entirely consistent. Among the discarded baby pants, water-retaining absorbents are rarely used in agricultural production. An ideal water absorption and water retention mechanism must have the following characteristics: strong water absorption to adsorb moisture in soil pores and air. When the water-absorbing agent directly contacts the seeds, the water-absorbing agent releases water to provide the water demand for the germination of the seeds.

Analysis of baby pants pairs of seeds

Water-absorbing agents have strong water-absorbing capacity (especially in arid environments). Even in a 100% RH environment, the water absorption of the cutting baby pants is only 0.3 times its own weight. When the RH was 33%, the water absorption capacity decreased rapidly with the decrease of the ambient RH. In this case, the water absorbing agent can hardly provide water for seed germination in actual production.

On the one hand, the water supply of baby pants seeds depends on their water absorption capacity, which is strong and absorbs environmental moisture; on the other hand, it depends on their ability to retain and release water. The joint action of these two aspects makes the water absorbing agent also have two results on the germination of seeds: one is that it can promote germination or has almost no effect on germination.

The minimum water absorption rate for wheat crop germination is about 50%-60%. It can be seen that, even if baby pants is mixed with wheat seeds, the seeds cannot germinate even if all the moisture in the waste is supplied to the seeds. In general, the water absorption capacity is greater than the water absorption capacity of the seeds, and it is impossible to supply all the water to the seeds. Even if the dry seeds absorbed water at 4 times their weight, it was not sufficient for germination, indicating that baby pants was incompatible with the moisture in the environment in which the seeds were used.


Baby pants pairs of seed germination test conclusions

Using baby pants pairs of seed germination experiments to improve the seed germination rate is not feasible under any circumstances. In the artificial urine diluted in the experiment, when the concentration of water and fertilizer was high, the direct contact of fertilizer and seeds easily caused the burning of seedlings. When the waste product itself was diluted 10 times with water and fertilizer, the germination rate of wheat did not increase or even decreased. However, the germination index and vigor index of wheat were significantly improved, and such test results had to make me guess that waste products with moderate fertilizer content would not have an effect on the seed germination rate results under the right circumstances, but the germination index. It has a positive effect on the viability index and ensures the survival rate of later transplanting of wheat.


This test is just an attempt to recycle waste baby pants. It aims to alleviate environmental pollution while applying it in appropriate fields according to the characteristics of waste. It can be seen that it is feasible to apply this method to agricultural planting, and it is bound to become a trend in the future.


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