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Hygienic Standard for Panty Liners (2008)

# Panty Liners

The requirements of GB / t8939 for panty liners are becoming more and more detailed and strict, so as to protect consumers.

The test methods such as penetration, water absorption, pH, adhesive strength and moisture of panty liner were adjusted

GB / t8939 has adjusted the test methods of panty liner, such as penetration, water absorption, pH, adhesive strength and moisture, but the adjustment content is small. There is no significant change in the calculation of the used instruments and test solutions, test procedures and test results, mainly due to the local adjustment or refinement of the sequence before and after the test process or steps.

The sales mark and packaging of panty liners were modified

Strengthening sales marks and packaging is also a highlight of GB / t8939. Menstrual cushion products are related to the safety and health of the people. As the basic quality information expressed by the enterprise, the complete mark is the most important and direct basis for consumers to understand the product performance and purchase products. It is also the main support for honest consumption, safe consumption and harmonious consumption. The improvement of sales signs is the symbol of a country's modern civilization and represents the improvement of consumption standardization. GB / t8939 has revised the contents that should be indicated on the sales mark and package: the hygiene standard number and hygiene license number have been cancelled; Add enterprise contact information, shelf life, deadline for use date, main production raw materials, etc. Marking production raw materials means that the production enterprises should indicate whether the raw materials used by consumers meet the standard requirements, and the shelf life and limited use date are clear that they cannot be sold and used after expiration, which puts forward higher requirements for producers, sellers and regulatory authorities.

Finally, GB / t8939 also specifies in the technical requirements that the panty liner should not use waste and reused raw materials, and the product should be clean, free of dirt and damage. These new regulations reflect the principle of being highly responsible for the safety and health of consumers.


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