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Detailed Process and Operation Steps of Coc Certification for Breathable Sanitary Napkins Exported to Uganda

Now the exported breathable sanitary napkin products need COC / PVOC certificate. Its / SGS / BV is the organization that can issue the certificate and is authorized by Uganda Bureau of standards.

Breathable sanitary napkin customs clearance Uganda PVOC certification process:

1、 Materials to be submitted for customs clearance of breathable sanitary napkins

  1. Application form (completed in English with official seal on each page)
  2. Form: invoice, packing list
  3. Test report: the test report of a third party with CNAs qualification
  4. Provide inspection place, estimated inspection time and on-site accompanying personnel (responsible for products, mobile phone number)

2、 Submit for review

3、 Confirm payment

4、 Arrange inspection, including product authenticity, product quantity and product packaging

5、 After the inspection, the goods can be arranged to leave the port, and the customer needs to submit the final packing list and commercial invoice

6、 Issue the customs clearance coczheng, and the process will take about 2-3 weeks!

COC and PVOC mean that the goods of breathable sanitary napkins exported to Uganda need the Zheng certificate, and SGS is the institution issuing the Zheng certificate, and the importers recognize the certificate issued by SGS institution. Process of applying for COC / PVOC by SGS organization:

1、 The information provided by the customer includes form FP, packing list, product test report and PVOC application form

2、 Data review (local review in Tanzania)

3、 After the data is approved, the inspection date shall be arranged (the detailed inspection process can be determined only after communicating with the customer)

4、 After passing the inspection, the customer provides commercial FP and packing list, and arranges the issuing of certificate. The customer needs its / SGS / bv institution to handle Tanzania COC / PVOC

The above is the specific process of the customs clearance process of breathable sanitary napkins. If you have any questions, you can consult the author.


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