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Management Strategy and Points for Attention of Cloth Diapers Machinery

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Machinery management is an indispensable link in the normal operation of enterprises. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the equipment is updated frequently, and the importance of maintenance and management is prominent. Fully understand the development process of mechanical maintenance management and the problems existing in the maintenance process. Machinery management in enterprises, correctly understanding and solving various contradictions in the process, and managing, using, maintaining and repairing equipment are of great practical significance to improve the equipment management level and technical level of enterprises and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. In the management, there will be some problems, such as unclear organization and system, disconnection between the use of old and new equipment, and unscientific maintenance of equipment. This paper will make the strategies and points for attention of the above problems.


Improve the management system and system according to the needs of machinery management

The enterprise shall establish and improve cloth diapers machinery management organization according to the application status of equipment, implement unified planning, assign special personnel to take charge of it, and conduct comprehensive planning. Strive to combine exquisite management and control with mass management, clarify the responsibilities and authorities of special management and mass management personnel, and give full play to the initiative of functional personnel at all levels.

Our company has formulated the "three fixed" system of fixed machine, fixed person and fixed post responsibility in combination with the actual situation, so that each machine can be kept, repaired and operated by a specially assigned person. Since the three fixed system is the basis of mechanized construction production and equipment management, and its implementation will directly affect the labor productivity, construction safety, integrity and utilization of machines, in addition to the corresponding personnel, attention should not be paid to changing positions at will in the implementation process, so as not to affect the understanding and mastery of its performance.


Pay attention to the maintenance of cloth diapers machinery and incorporate it into the regulations on assessment, reward and punishment

We know that the maintenance, repair and use of configuration are interrelated and conditional on each other. After being used for a long time, any equipment will have different degrees of defects. In order to reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life of the equipment, the construction and production shall be closely coordinated according to the use of its configuration. Carry out various maintenance work regularly according to the specified operation cycle. When making repair and maintenance plans, the equipment care department must carefully analyze the specific conditions of various types and adopt different procedures according to the different characteristics of old and new equipment. For old equipment, we should focus on ensuring normal operation, eliminating hidden dangers and timely repair; for new equipment, we should focus on improving the technical level of personnel and strengthening maintenance, so as to effectively ensure the service performance and safe production of each equipment.

Mechanical maintenance depends entirely on the sense of responsibility of the staff. In this regard, incorporating it into the enterprise assessment regulations is conducive to detailed work responsibilities and mobilize employees' work passion. Inspection and evaluation activities shall be organized every year. Irregular sampling inspection should be adopted for inspection and evaluation, so as to prevent grass-roots units from paying no attention to on-site supervision at ordinary times and making surprise response during inspection. The inspection and evaluation results are combined with the reward and punishment system to reflect the principle of increasing production, saving rewards and wasting losses. In this way, it not only effectively promotes the equipment control of the enterprise, but also reduces the failure shutdown rate and ensures the normal production of the enterprise.


Strengthen technical training and select excellent management talents

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, cloth diapers machinery is also constantly updated, its degree of automation will be higher and higher, and its technical content will be more and more important. Therefore, if enterprises want to fundamentally improve the professional and technical quality of all management and maintenance personnel, they should adopt the method of "going out, inviting in and centralized training", strengthen technical training, and select and cultivate a group of "one specialty and multiple abilities" talents who understand technology, control and careful calculation, so as to meet the development needs of enterprises in the future.

Enterprises can also focus on organizing management seminars attended by equipment maintenance and operators to brainstorm and put forward suggestions, so as to form an atmosphere of learning technology and drilling business. According to the specific situation of the construction and the situation of the enterprise, timely promote and publicize the effective experience, and gradually improve the theoretical knowledge level and practical operation skills of personnel at all levels.


Cloth diapers machinery management considerations

(1) Pay attention to the improvement of the quality of technicians. Machine maintenance is a highly professional technical work, so it is imperative to improve the quality of maintenance personnel.

(2) Pay attention to the long-term operation and maintenance of the equipment. During maintenance, reasonable operation shall be carried out according to the operation instructions and operation period, and "sick" work shall not be allowed.

(3) Pay attention to the early inspection and maintenance of the equipment. During the maintenance period, technicians should carefully understand the operation of each element, so as to "plan ahead".

In short, the maintenance and management quality of mechanical equipment has an important impact on the production quality, so it needs the full participation and active cooperation of all aspects of personnel. Enterprises should also grasp the central figure of doing a good job in equipment on-site management and strengthening maintenance, so as to give full play to its maximum effect.


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