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Standard for high quality panty liner

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A woman uses about 15,000 aunt towels in her lifetime. Therefore, the daily cleaning of the menstrual period supplies is particularly critical. Especially during the menstrual period, the resistance of human organs decreases, which makes them more sensitive than usual and more likely to be infected. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality products. Share the standard of high quality panty liner today:

1 Panty liner is soft and skin-friendly:

The material is healthy and delicate, and the polymer water-absorbing beads that can absorb 200 times of its own weight can effectively avoid reverse osmosis and leakage, making you comfortable and free all day.


2 Panty liner anti-leakage, anti-side leakage:

High-quality products have a unique anti-leakage enclosure design, which is made of waterproof raw materials, which can block liquid leakage and quickly introduce liquid into the water-absorbing layer, providing you with the most assured safety protection.

3 Panty liner has good breathability and long-lasting dryness:

High-quality aerobic care products are made of thin and soft cotton raw materials, which have strong skin-friendly properties and keep the skin comfortable and dry at all times.


4 Has the health care effects of antibacterial, antibacterial, and sterilization panty liner

High-quality products can effectively maintain women's physiological health, resist the invasion of germs, and drive away odors.

Panty liner is the most important good friend of a woman, so it is better to choose the more expensive one, and it is better not to buy the one that is about to expire due to the cheapness, or the one whose origin is unknown, which will damage oneself instead.


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