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Effect of composition of baby diapers on degradability

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In recent years, the gradual change of people's consumption concept has gradually expanded the baby diaper market. When the product penetration rate is higher and higher, it will inevitably have a certain impact on the environment. Because most baby diapers in China are not centralized, they are mixed with other solids for incineration and landfill. However, these two methods have their own disadvantages and can not meet the degradation requirements. Therefore, in order to find an effective degradation method, we must first have a little understanding of the product.

Composition of baby diapers

Unused disposable baby diaper typically includes the following ingredients:

  1. Surface: A soft, sterile surface that transfers urine and feces to the inside of the product, typically composed of polypropylene non-woven materials.
  2. Dispersion layer: The second layer receives baby stool and is mainly used to evenly disperse the liquid so that the liquid is completely absorbed by the next layer of absorbent material.
  3. Absorbent layer: composed of wood pulp fluff and polymer water-absorbing agent. Most of the lignin on wood pulp fluff has been removed, mainly containing cellulose and hemicellulose, which are hydrophilic and soft. The polymer water-absorbing agent is evenly distributed on the wood pulp fluff. SAP mainly uses sodium polyacrylate, polyacrylamide, potassium polyacrylate and other substances as monomers, and is polymerized into polymers through cross-linking agents. At present, sodium polyacrylate polymer is mainly used for SAP in baby diaper industries because of its non-toxic and mature technology. SAP can absorb 200-300 times the weight of water, and the water is locked in the SAP colloid. It is not easy to separate the water from the colloid when squeezed, and it has a good water-holding function.
  4. Bottom layer: The bottom layer is mainly polypropylene material, mainly composed of polypropylene hot-rolled non-woven fabric and polyethylene breathable microporous film. The diameter of micropores is less than 4 microns, and the diameter of water droplets is less than 20 microns, and it has the function of breathable and waterproof. diaper also includes a small portion of tapes, elastics and sticky materials, as well as inks, dyes.


Analysis of degradation of baby diapers

The composition of baby diaper determines that its natural degradation is difficult, and the actual degradable part is wood pulp fluff and a small amount of sodium polyacrylate water-absorbent resin. However, because the pulp fluff in waste products is mainly wrapped in polyethylene film, non-woven fabric and polymer water-absorbing resin, the internal degradable components are not easily exposed to the air, and it is difficult for microorganisms to invade, making the degradation more difficult.


It can be seen that because the materials used in the components of baby diapers are different, the corresponding degradation ability is also different. Before degradation, only a certain understanding of the composition can degrade it more efficiently.


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