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Research status of silk baby diaper nonwovens

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As a high-end product in Spunlaced products, silk nonwovens have the advantages of good air permeability, soft hand feeling, good drapability and no use of chemical adhesives. Moreover, they have mercerized surface and less irritation coefficient to the skin than ordinary nonwovens. They are very suitable for baby diapers. With the increasing demand for materials, many researchers and enterprises began to explore and study the application of fibers in spunlaced nonwovens, and successfully made silk / bonded nonwovens.

Baby diaper Patent US2009/0133814A1

It provides a production method for non-woven silk fabrics, the main steps of which include obtaining pure silk from cocoons, beating pure silk balls, spraying the surface of the filament sheet with konjac gum, and making stable non-woven fabric fiber gauze.

Baby diaper Patent CN201361185Y

It discloses a non-woven fabric made of natural silk through high-tech means. As the surface layer of the sanitary pad, it can not only absorb moisture instantly, but also care for the delicate skin of the human body, which is beneficial to women's daily health care.


Baby diaper Patent CN102488588A

Disclosed is a sanitary napkin, which uses silk fabric as the fabric layer, and uses Chinese medicinal plant essence and polymer in the middle layer. The process is simple and reasonable. The silk fabric is used as the surface layer, which has good moisture absorption and air permeability, strengthens sterilization and disease prevention functions, and has antibacterial properties. Itching, deodorant, cleansing effect.

Baby diaper Patent CN101570935

It is proposed to use Nw-344 and Nw-269 for hydrophilic finishing of silk nonwovens. Reduces static electricity from silk/viscose combing, making it easier to comb. The result is a nonwoven fabric with a soft appearance and a soft and bright color. However, the liquid breakthrough time of the nonwoven is as long as 14 seconds. After treatment with a hydrophilic agent, the liquid breakthrough time was reduced to less than 2s. However, the amount of reverse osmosis is greater than 9g, and the surface of the non-woven fabric is not dry (compared with hot air, pure cotton, and rubber non-woven).

Baby diaper Patent CN201106090Y

A silk fiber/bonded fiber spunlace non-woven fabric is disclosed, which can be used to make sanitary napkins, diapers, sanitary pads, children's diapers, diapers, adult diapers and diaper pads. It is characterized in that the silk fiber spunlace non-woven fabric has many evenly arranged small holes, and the adjacent two rows of holes are staggered and oval in shape, with a size of 0.4 × 0.9 mm.


So far, no enterprise has been able to produce silk nonwovens with short penetration time and good dryness, and there is no precedent for silk / es nonwovens to be entangled by Spunlaced. Many domestic companies say they can produce such baby diapers and spunlaced nonwovens. Silk spunlaced nonwovens are mainly silk fiber and viscose fiber, but they are not used in production.


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