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Management of diaper mechanical equipment


Enterprise machinery management is an indispensable link in the normal operation of enterprises. With the increasingly fierce market competition and the further deepening of enterprise reform, the role of diaper machinery in modernization has been particularly prominent, and machine management has been paid more and more attention in enterprises. Enterprise equipment management, correctly analyzing and solving various conflicts and contradictions in the management process, and managing, using, maintaining and repairing equipment are of great practical significance to improve the equipment control level and technical level of enterprises and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. This paper puts forward the following problems on the management of diaper machinery.


Imperfect management organization and norms

Diaper machinery management is the business of the company's maintenance personnel. The control department and workshop are limited to individual business contacts, blindly streamline the organization, compress or even cancel the equipment management organization and personnel, or incorporate their work responsibilities into other departments. This will inevitably lead to the disconnection between the control layer and the operation layer, no one cares, and it is difficult to implement equipment maintenance.

In order to facilitate control, some existing enterprises often reduce storage and management links, and even lack perfect and strict corresponding punishment rules. The establishment of distribution accounts and technical data files needs to be improved, and the control work has no rules to follow and is out of order. Some enterprises do not even enter the account in time or at all after purchasing new equipment, resulting in quite passive control and unnecessary extravagance and waste.

diapers machine

Disjointed use of old and new equipment

With the rapid development of high technology, the existing diaper machinery of the enterprise is too old, and the overall technical status has entered the aging stage. Most of them are backward, which limits the bidding and construction organization of some large projects and the development of the enterprise to a certain extent.

In order to adapt to the current situation, enterprises do need to properly introduce some more advanced Diaper Machines at home and abroad to improve the technical equipment level of enterprises. However, some enterprises fail to make development plans and purchase plans scientifically according to the needs of their own enterprise development, and fail to correctly predict the market application prospect of the imported equipment, resulting in the purchased equipment can not meet the construction requirements of the project, and the newly purchased equipment is like entering & ldquo; Cold palace & rdquo;.


The maintenance of diaper machinery is unscientific

At present, although most enterprises implement the fixed person and machine system, that is, each operator uses a fixed machine, they ignore the fixed person maintenance system and fail to clearly implement the rules and regulations of configuration, maintenance and repair to individuals. Because of this, operators often just & ldquo; Use without repair & rdquo;, Maintenance personnel also deal with things carelessly. Whenever there is a fault, operators and maintenance personnel often shirk their responsibilities to each other. This not only affects the output and quality, but also increases the maintenance cost, operation cost and reduces the service life of the equipment.

In order to improve economic efficiency, enterprises often only pay attention to the link between output value and benefit, which is & ldquo; Reuse light pipe & rdquo;, In order to catch up with the construction period and speed up the progress, they do not hesitate to fight for the equipment, resulting in the machine often working under overload or with & ldquo; Disease & rdquo; Operation, even illegal manipulation, the result is serious wear and aging.


In short, we should realize that the management of diaper machinery is a systematic project, which requires the full participation and active cooperation of all aspects of personnel. Enterprises should grasp the central work of doing a good job in on-site management of equipment and strengthening maintenance, so as to give full play to its maximum effect.


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