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Liquid absorption principle of division layer and absorption core of baby pants

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With the continuous extension and development of the baby pants market, consumers' requirements for their quality are gradually increasing, and the competitive pressure in the disposable hygiene products industry is also increasing. In order to better integrate development trends, it is particularly important to deeply study the efficacy and role of each level of the product. Among them, liquid absorption, as the basic ability necessary for baby pants, is directly related to the user experience. Next, let’s analyze the basic principles of the division layer and absorbent core.

Diversion layer

The diversion layer is different from the general non-woven material. It is located between the surface layer and the absorption layer. Its function is to make baby pants absorb liquid quickly, effectively and evenly, avoiding the blockage caused by excessive local absorption of SAP in the past, and reducing baby pants penetration. In the study of the diversion layer, the ideal diversion layer can strengthen the penetration in the vertical direction during the horizontal expansion of the liquid, and increase the permeability of the fiber layer in the design process, but at the same time, it cannot better avoid the phenomenon of reverse osmosis. The two penetrating properties cannot be effectively exerted.

The hot air non-woven material of the guide layer is tough and hard, the fibers are vertically arranged, and the fiber gap is large, which is the biggest difference between it and the hot air non-woven material of the surface layer. When the liquid reaches the diversion layer through the surface layer, the diversion layer fiber mesh will immediately absorb the liquid, and has a fluffy structure with a certain thickness, which is conducive to quickly capturing local liquid, and spreads immediately after temporary storage until it is absorbed by the core layer.

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Absorbent core

SAP is a special functional polymer material, the absorption capacity of water can reach hundreds to thousands of times of its own, and it can also reach tens or hundreds of times for salt water. will be squeezed out. Due to the large absorption of SAP, the use of fluff pulp can be greatly reduced, thereby making the product lighter and thinner, so it has been widely used in the hygiene product industry.

The expansion process of SAP in water. SAP is a polymer with a three-dimensional spatial network, formed by appropriate cross-linking, and its hydrophilic groups interact with water molecules. When encountering water molecules, the hydrophilic ions on the entire dense polymer chain are rapidly ionized and hydrolyzed, and with the accumulation of the same charge, the electrostatic repulsion on the polymer chain also increases. It is this electrostatic repulsion that gradually enlarges the three-dimensional network and guides water molecules into the resin.

The application of this technology in baby pants improves the speed and efficiency of water absorption, which can reduce the time of osmosis and reverse osmosis. With the continuous advancement of related technologies, China has also achieved a comprehensive upgrade and improvement of its own efficiency in the production process, improving the quality and level of China's baby pants production, and deepening the benign development and cycle of the industry.

As absorbent pulp, fluff pulp is more advanced than the same kind, and is widely used in baby pants, sanitary napkins and other absorbent products. The standard for judging fluff pulp is the quality of absorbency, and the capillary effect directly determines the quality of absorbency. The fluff pulp acts like a transport conduit in the absorbent core. In the raw material properties of fluff pulp, the linear density of fibers and the thickness of the cell wall are the direct factors that affect the properties of fluff pulp. Different components will make the properties of fluff pulp different.


The development prospect of China's  baby pants market is relatively stable, but the market competition trend can not be ignored. Through the research and analysis of several levels, it can be seen that the technical factors and scientific and technological content in baby pants are strong. In the future production and sales, market competition and product brand establishment, we should focus on product R&D and expansion, ensure that the production and sales can meet the use and consumption needs of consumers as much as possible, and improve the awareness of establishing and strengthening our own brand.


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