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Function of disposable diaper absorbing core and bottom film

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At present, the market development trend of disposable diapers is very stable and shows a good growth trend. However, it can not be ignored that the development of its market has a strong relationship with the fertility demand and fertility efficiency of countries and regions. Developed countries such as Europe and the United States have low birth rate, small social fertility population and fertility demand, and unsatisfactory market sales results. Global production basically depends on the strengthening and improvement of developing countries such as Asia and Africa. China's product production and sales results are relatively ideal. Due to the gradual improvement of people's living standards and the relative stability of economic capacity and economic development expectations, the price of disposable diapers can be accepted by more and more people. Therefore, the operation and sales of the development industry in China are forward-looking and leading. In order to let readers better understand this product, let's talk about its core absorption core and bottom film.

Absorbent core layer

The core part of disposable diaper is the absorbent core layer, which can directly affect the overall use effect. At present, the materials constituting the core layer mainly include SAP, composite fibers and wood pulp. The raw material of fluff pulp comes from natural trees. Due to the continuous research on environmental protection issues, there is a certain difference between the widespread use of coniferous wood and the protection and improvement of environmental quality, which cannot effectively meet the needs of social environmental construction. With the increase in the use of disposable diaper, it will have adverse effects on the natural environment. Therefore, the use of fluff pulp is currently being reviewed and banned.

Synthetic core refers to the material that synthesizes SAP and fluff pulp, which can effectively control the fluidity. It will achieve better results in the use of disposable diaper and improve consumer satisfaction.

Diaper absorption cores

Bottom film

The main function of the bottom film is to effectively prevent liquid leakage, waterproof and gas proof. The main materials of the base film are breathable microporous film and composite base film. However, the design and appearance of the bottom film are not diverse, and the appearance is single, which cannot meet consumers' requirements for product beauty, comfort and closeness.

At present, the design of the bottom film is basically to print some cartoon patterns directly on the disposable diaper, failing to effectively change and upgrade the material and shape. The performance and form of Part disposable diaper have not been effectively developed and utilized, and need to be properly adjusted in future research and development. However, under the optimization of major brands, through the joint cooperation with various popular IPs, cartoon styles that can firmly grasp the interests of infants and young children continue to enter the market. I believe there will be more varieties to choose from in the future.


The above is the basic introduction of the absorbent core layer and the bottom film. It can be found that although the performance of disposable diaper has gradually improved with the efforts of industry R&D personnel, due to different production processes, different materials will also produce different effects. As for how to continue to expand the audience and improve user satisfaction, there is still a long way to go in the future.


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